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Warning: Welcome to Your World Baby, Gender Message Enclosed by Lynda R. Willer - Book Report/Review Example

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According to the findings, it can, therefore, be said that the book Warning: Welcome to Your World Baby, Gender Message Enclosed by Lynda R. Willer deals with an analysis of around 300 baby greeting cards for differences in cards for baby boys and baby girls…
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Warning: Welcome to Your World Baby, Gender Message Enclosed by Lynda R. Willer
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Extract of sample "Warning: Welcome to Your World Baby, Gender Message Enclosed by Lynda R. Willer"

Short Summary
“Warning: Welcome to Your World Baby, Gender Message Enclosed” is written by Lynda R. Willer. To put it concisely, the book deals with an analysis of around 300 baby greeting cards for differences in cards for baby boys and baby girls.
In the book the writer analyzes around 300 cards for various forms of gender (boy, girl and not specified sex) for various characteristics of each card including the likes of message style, message quality and use of emotions etc. Moreover, Lynda further analyzes each of these cards for the nonverbal representation portrayed by them and on the basis of the colors they are made up of. With the help of analysis made of these cards Lynda draws up her own form of gender that is apparently portrayed by the messages displayed in the cards.
The book highlights how subtly baby greeting cards go on to show how one might feel about the young girl or boy by, for instance a pink card with a fairy on top may signify a beautiful young girl while a blue card with snakes and snails may signify a rough and tough boy. While the person who selects such a greeting card to send to the other party may not exactly think the same way, these cards are by default defined to construe an image of children that the designer of the card has in his mind and of how he thinks of children. So there does, without any doubt, exist an element of sexism or gender difference in these cards. Through this book, Lynda has raised a question in the society regarding the impact created by such card messages on fostering sexual differences. Read More
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