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Relations between the Sexes - Essay Example

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 This paper focuses on describing how James Joyce depicts the relationship between sexes in two different stories in Dubliners. The paper will focus on the stories titled “A Mother” and “A Painful Case”. The paper compares Joyce’s portrayal of the relationship between sexes…
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Relations between the Sexes
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Extract of sample "Relations between the Sexes"

Download file to see previous pages James Joyce is one of the authors who successfully depicted the relationship between the different sexes in his book titled Dubliners. The book comprises of different short stories, and many of the stories highlight the relationship between men and women in Dublin. In addition, Fritz Lang also depicted the relationship between different sexes in the movie titled Metropolis. 
James Joyce authored stories that belong to the Victorian period. Although the book was first published in 1914, James Joyce had been writing most of the stories before that period. Therefore, many of the stories are estimated to have been written in the Victorian period, which spanned between 1840 to early 1900s. During this era, there were distinctive roles for men and women. The Victorian society had societal ideals that defined the relationship between the two sexes. In the story titled “A Mother”, Joyce tells the story of Miss Devlin, who eventually became Mrs. Kearney after marriage. Joyce introduces us to Mrs. Kearney, who settled down with Mr. Kearney a man older than she was because most of the young men she met did not have the capacity to give her a better life. Joyce depicts her as a perfect Victorian woman in the home setting because she takes care of her homestead, daughters, and husband (Schwarze 2002, p. 67). However, Mrs. Kearney is well educated unlike other women of the Victorian era. Joyce introduces the reader to some men in the society who had a lower place than Mrs. Kearney did. From the confusion exhibited by Mr. Holohan, it becomes evident that Mrs. Kearney is more intelligent than him. She is the one who helps him out with organizing his work and determining the right artist for each event. However, Mrs. Kearney respects her husband because she felt secure and protected with him.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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