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Critically discuss the empirical evidence that there are sex differences in intelligence - Essay Example

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Gender inequality and gender asymmetry are the issues that are closely studies now by different sciences, partially due to the flourishing of feminist thought. During the last several decades, gender studies have become an inseparable part of the majority of sociological…
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Critically discuss the empirical evidence that there are sex differences in intelligence
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Download file to see previous pages There are facts proving that such an inequality results in economic stagnation connected with decreasing labour productivity. (Appold, S. et. al., 1998, np)
Gender inequality actualises also other, non-economical problems of poverty: lack of security, rights, resources and opportunities. In fact, there are no “gender neutral” phenomena in any sphere of social life: any change in it tells substantially upon the status of citizens (both women and men) in the society, and that is why many social phenomena have been studied nowadays taking into account their gender aspect.
When speaking about the inequality of genders in any county, we usually mean the violation of women’s rights. Sandra Bem is sure that in the modern society with its patriarchal culture domination, women have constantly been oppressed, as well as a sexual minority, and it makes sexism related to heterosexism. (cited from: Lott, 1994, np) There has been a lot of research in psychology concerning the issue of gender inequality.
Gender psychology aims at explaining the inequality of genders not as the result of biological differences between sexes but analysing different social, cultural and economic factors. Moreover, gender sociology states that the personality of any woman is precious in itself, and women have all the right to choose their own life paths, either accepting or breaking traditional stereotypes.
Women being considered inferior to males has many facets: from the inequality of salaries and unequal division of family duties to violence, pornography, lack of political rights, etc. The modern society is still of patriarchal character, therefore this issue is topical, and a lot of factors contribute to it, from cultural beliefs and traditions to scholarly theories that claim that there are sex differences in intelligence, and therefore women should only perform particular duties in the society and are not welcome to do anything that is historically attributed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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