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A death of princess (Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud) - Research Paper Example

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Variety has been said to be the spice of life.Indeed,cultural diversity is part of this phenomenon that spices up life.This is because in different locations of the world,there are different cultural practices …
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A death of princess (Mishaal bint Fahd al Saud)
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Extract of sample "A death of princess (Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud)"

Download file to see previous pages There is no denying the fact that one major reason for which people would want to travel from one place to the other is to have a feel of the diversity in culture that exits in different parts of the world. But as much as cultural differences give different people of this world unique identities and personalities, there are cases that some cultural practices practiced in certain places of the world have come up for very sharp global and universal debate and discussion (Brown, 2008). Such debates and discussions are most common about cultural practices that touch on themes of gender, class, race, and ability. In this essay, there is critical review of the case of Misha’al bint Fahd al Saud from a cultural and religious perspective, while discussing how various forms of privilege become evident in her story. This is done with the use of the docu-drama story of “Death of a Princess”, which gives a secondary account of the execution of the princess on the accusation of adultery. The essay shall be addressed from an argumentative perspective, seeking to weigh all sides of prevailing issues as gender, class, race, ability, the reaction of the media, use of privilege. A conclusion shall then be drawn on the side or opinion held by the writer on both sides of the arguments to either justify or condemn various acts that took place. Interlocking themes of social justice Gender During the setting of the event, which was in the 1970s, issues of gender discrimination and gender suppression, especially against the female gender had gone on against most Islamic nations and for that matter, Saudi Arabia. The commonest forms of discrimination and suppression that females suffered are recorded to include in issues of education and selection of a life partner (Smillie, 2009). Some secondary sources have actually debated that the fact that Princess Misha’al bint Fahd al Saud had her education in Lebanon could be attributable to the opposition that she could have faced if she took her education in Saudi Arabia (LittleJohn and Foss, 2008). Argumentatively however, the question of justification in some of these practices that are considered as abuse of the personality of the female gender has been raised in other debates. For example the preservation of chastity and the impact that it has on the moral fiber of the people has been raised. It would be noted that even though education was not totally absent, there were laws that forbad the education of boys and girls in the same classroom setting. Such practices have been said to champion the quest to minimize the natural and biological bond that exists between males and females, especially when they become adolescents. This debate notwithstanding, there is another school of thought that believes that gender related laws in Saudi Arabia is biased against females and this is where the problem is. For the princess, it has been argued that her freedom to make choices of whom she wanted to be with was greatly abused when the royal family attempted to impose a man on her. Class Throughout primary and secondary sources for the story of Pincess Misha’al bint Fahd, the issue of class and how it was used have been questioned and debated. First and foremost, there are researchers who hold the opinion that the king’s action might not have gotten to the extent it did if the Princess was from any ordinary family, and for that matter, a low class family (Jacobsen, 2008). This is because according to such reviewers, the princess’s grandfather, who ordered her execution, took particular interest in the case following the level of shame and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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