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Peculiarities of Community Analysis - Essay Example

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This essay describes the peculiarities of community analysis. This paper analyses the goal of human striving, the role of women, equal rights of women and men, and modern community…
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Peculiarities of Community Analysis
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Extract of sample "Peculiarities of Community Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Recently, however, I have seen a change. I have seen the things I once read of, slowly materializing. I have seen women go from being a household commodity, to being equal to sons in our male chauvinistic culture. Now, working women are accepted rather than shunned like ten years ago. There is a lot more freedom in all aspects, be it dressing, travel, education, lifestyle- almost any aspect one chooses to describe, women are now more liberated than ever before. People now take it as a matter of pride to send their daughters to school, and most of the conservative elements are moving towards modernism and liberalism. This is the change I see around me. What remains to be seen is whether it really is happening, or whether it is just an illusion- a mirage, ‘window-dressing’ in accounting terms. Also, is it just limited to sprawling metropolises, or has the effect permeated to the as-yet-un-westernized rural areas? Another aspiring ray that has developed in females in recent times is their strength. Their robustness to stand change, their robustness to accept change, their robustness on being the change. This has taken the course of action to move to better, positive horizons. “Whether we like it or not, one of our tasks on this Earth is to work with the opposites through the different level of consciousness until body, soul, and spirit resonate together. Initiation rites, experienced at the appropriate times in our lives, burn off what is no longer relevant, opening our eyes to new possibilities of our own uniqueness.” (Miss Morian Woodman: “The Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation”. Page 26 Chrysalis) Using the concept of the process of psychological pregnancy (the virgin forever a virgin, forever pregnant, forever open to possibilities), Woodman examines ways of restoring the unity of body and soul, suggesting that how and what a woman goes through in a man’s world. Drawing on her Jungian analytic practice with its analysis of hundreds of dreams, she explores the search for personal identity and relationships, including the celebration of the feminine both in women and men. She begins with the symbolism of the chrysalis, and then discusses abandonment in the creative woman, psyche-soma awareness, the ritual journey, further thoughts on addiction, and yin, yang, and Jung. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Peculiarities of Community Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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