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Sexuality - Research Paper Example

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Advancement in technology and globalization has conventionally had a great impact on the understanding and treatment of sexuality around the world. This has enhanced the social and cultural uniformity regarding the roles and characteristics of gender…
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Extract of sample "Sexuality"

Download file to see previous pages Particularly, advertisement through billboards was considered by the research respondents to be most offensive of all mediums of advertisement. A number of French Reports have also emphasized upon the promotion of sex through advertisements, saying that the advertisements have used overtones of violence to degrade women and project bestiality and inferior role of women in sex. Such an attitude towards women creates a very distressed situation which should be immediately addressed so that dignity of those women on different levels could be restored. “Sexist advertising affects the shaping of people's identities and is counter-productive to society's goal of achieving gender equality” (“Sweden mulls ban”). This paper analyzes such an ad by Calvin Klein and discusses how the female model in the ad has been used as a source of sexual appeal for the audiences. In the end, there is a brief discussion of the guidelines that if followed, may help eradicate this practice. Women are being overly sexualized in different advertisements and fashion magazines, which is not only building negative perceptions about the character of women in the society but is also playing a role in derogating the society on moral grounds. Research done by sociologists lately suggests that sexploitation of women seen on the cover of one of the mainstream fashion magazines Rolling Stone suggests that women are far more potently targeted sexually than men over the last few years and such a negative attitude definitely does not deliver a positive message to the society at large. Sexploitation through advertisements in such an open manner not only holds very negative ramifications for understanding the concept of female dignity but also leads to exploitation of women. ...
Sexploitation through advertisements in such an open manner not only holds very negative ramifications for understanding the concept of female dignity but also leads to exploitation of women. Media has definitely exploited women on many levels by portraying them as sexual objects so that product sales could be increased. As a result of such advertisements in which provocative images of women’s often partially clothed bodies are shown and female sexuality is used as an effective tool for gaining public attention and increasing product sales, a lot of pressure is put on common women to be sexually attractive and also sexually active (Media Awareness Network). In the advertisement by Calvin Klein for promoting its trademark unisex fragrance CK one (Lunch), a half naked girl is shown standing immediately against a male model who is also half naked so that their bodies are touching each other’s as well as their mouths. With one outstretched arm, the male model is seen grabbing the female model and holding a CK one perfume bottle in his hand. The image shown in this fragrance advertisement is no doubt very provocative and fraught with all kinds of sexual suggestions. Both models have been made to pose so proximal to each other that it seems more like a pornography ad than a fragrance ad. Women definitely get exploited by such kinds of advertisements which show no respect for female sex and also such media actions deliver very negative images to the people who start accepting such ideas and believe it is normal for a woman to act provocatively. Culture is especially targeted by such advertisements in which women are over-sexualized so that it is left badly mutilated because no culture can sustain if the society shows no respect for women. Respect in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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