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Astr hw4 - Essay Example

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The recent supernova was experienced 140 years ago as measured by the by the time framework of the earth. The last explosion on earth happened and it was not clear when used the optical light since the explosion happened right at the centre of the galaxy thus closer. The…
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Astr hw4
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Astronomy 123: Fourth Homework Assignment The recent supernova was experienced 140 years ago as measured by the by the time framework of the earth. The last explosion on earth happened and it was not clear when used the optical light since the explosion happened right at the centre of the galaxy thus closer. The supernovas appear with an estimation of three explosions in every century having large margins. Incase the rates estimated are right there should be explosions of 10 supernovas that happen to be young in age than the Cassiopeia A. the tracking of the remnant explosions begun in the year 1985. With the use of the VLA, the remnant G 1.9 and 0.3 that was small in size exploded while near to the center of the galaxy. The result was a source of a supernova explosion that happened 400 years ago. After a period of twenty two years, another explosion of the remnant occurred. It was a bit larger by 16 percent than the other supernova explosions. With the information it s true that the galaxy is becoming deficient in the production of the supernova in the last years.
2. The theory concerning the origin of water is believed that water was released from the volcanoes that were transformed to be asteroids and meteoroids. In the first theory that is related to the activity of the volcanic. It suggested that the earth had cooled leading to a recombination of the cooled elements. In the elements there existed hydrogen that split to form hydrocarbons of methane, and oxygen. The elements were carried into the air by the magma of hydrogen to create a combination of water droplets. The theory better explains the water accumulated on the surface but it does not explain seventy percent of the water sources. The second theory explains more claiming water to be formed by comets of earth-grazing. On the surface of the universe there exist water molecules at the nebulae. On the same note, water found at the universe is not the same as the one found at sea. The comets water has got deuterium levels (In Nollet & In De, 2013).
3. The snowball earth is a theory that tries to explain one of the coldest climates on earth. This is a planet that is completely covered with the ice that is glacial having a temperature of around -50 degrees. This is because the radiation of the sun connects back to the earth’s space. The evidence for the theory includes the distribution of both the Sturtian and Marinoan globally that form carbon isotope at the seawater. The marine deposits are also connected to the limestone at the surface of the ocean. The presence of the irons and deposits of oxides form the spreading of the anoxia that enters into the ocean. On the other side, the deposits do not have the same age meaning they were not deposited at the same time. Also the ripples that appear are also found at the Sturtian glacial. Another point is that the thickness of the Sturtian and its characteristics are formed at the base of the glaciers.
4. Europa has got the liquid that is under its surface that supports the primitive life. The liquid has got the versatile molecule that is responsible for the human life. The liquid is also responsible for the nutrient dissolving responsible for the digestion and waste excretion. The moon is also responsible for the maintenance of the constant tilting. The moon also is able to connect and control the asteroids and comets.
5. In regard to the origin of life, life may have originated from the deep sea. This includes the structures of carbonate found at the hydrothermal vent. Hydrogen sulphide is found at the super heated water deeper at the seafloor. It flows deeper meeting the magma that is found beneath the mantle of the earth. The sulphide mixes with the hot water forming a chemical. It explodes and mixes with the frigid water at the ocean. The complex reaction of the chemicals underneath marks the beginning of life by forming the blueprints of creating cells. The gases produced have a good combination in the hydrothermal vents because of the right temperatures required creating the correct synthesis.
In Nollet, L. M. L., & In De, G. L. (2013). Handbook of water analysis. Boca Raton: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Read More
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