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Application of Qualitative Methods in a Research Setting - Article Example

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The objective of the article is to analyze the research methodology chosen for a particular piece of study regarding the usage of information at the workspace. The writer of this article additionally provides an outline of a few types of research in relation to the best-suited methodology. …
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Application of Qualitative Methods in a Research Setting
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Extract of sample "Application of Qualitative Methods in a Research Setting"

The methods used to collect data were qualitative and grounded theory approach was utilized to enable research questions and date to be collected. The techniques that were used to collect data included interviews where work-place trainers and adult literacy coordinators were interviewed. Secondly, there was the use of focus groups that were applied to group values, the technique was appropriate when used on a group of workplace employees. The authors of the article used exploratory data analysis to analyze the data as it focuses on checking assumptions that are required to fit the model and testing hypothesis.
The researchers applied the five qualitative inquiry by using the grounded theory tradition where the researcher generates an abstract analytical schema of a phenomenon, interaction, a theory that explains some action, process and interaction. The analysis of the data occurs through collecting interview data, attempting to develop and interrelate groups of information through constant comparison, theoretical sampling and writing a concept specific theory (McCaslin & Scott, 2003). If I used qualitative research methods to conduct my case study, I would ask in association with
1. Biography: If I could, I would ask what in the organization motivates an individual to go to work every day.
2. Phenomenology: I would want to know the ideal information sharing method in the organization.
3. Ethnography: If I could, experience a different culture it would be to work in the organization in the case study to understand the company’s culture.
4. Case study: The event I would want to experience is seeing employees utilize social media to raise grievances and share knowledge in the organization.
5. The grounded theory- I would choose to discover the theory of social relationship in the organizations.  Read More
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