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North Circumpolar Motion of Stars - Lab Report Example

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This is by observing certain set of stars, which are seven in number of the famed Big Dipper within a given number of hours as per the experiment.
For each task…
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North Circumpolar Motion of Stars
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Extract of sample "North Circumpolar Motion of Stars"

North Circumpolar Motion of Stars ment of purpose This experiment seeks to relay adequate and clear understanding of how stars close to the northern pole usually move. This is by observing certain set of stars, which are seven in number of the famed Big Dipper within a given number of hours as per the experiment.
Initial experiment encompassed choosing an appropriate location just after sunset meant to observing the stars, which is facing the Northern region.
The right location was to be devoid of any obstructions such that the view of Dipper was quite visible, then facing to the North on the horizon.
Observations in this case encompassed making outcomes from the northern sky after every 90 minutes coupled with tabulating the intended results. Observations involved here were three sets.
For each task of observing, recording and sketching of Big Dipper’s location in relation to polar is, Horizon and zenith were made in a sketch (Seeds & Dana 17). This was with keenness to avoid poor observation as indicated by Figure 2.
Polar is in this experiment was used as the fixed star whereby it was supposed to be in front in the horizon.
After setting up the entire experiment and choosing the right location, the starts were observed in the intervals of 90 or 120 minutes then observations regarding the change of locations recorded. These alterations in locations were in relation to polar is and horizon.
Data and Calculations
West North East
Correct orientations!!!
Figure 1
West North East
Incorrect Orientation !!!
Figure 2
Conclusions and analysis
From the observations, it was ascertained individual stars in relation to both horizon and Polar showed significant relocations in the Northern sky. However, the main error associated with not obtaining exact data as predicted was incorrect orientation was among them as indicated in Figure 2.
Work Cited
Seeds, Michael A. & Dana, E. Backman. Stars and Galaxies. Boston, MA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning, 2013. Print. Read More
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