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Astronomy fifth assignment - Essay Example

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In the class notes we make use of the Drake equation as providing a statistical estimate of the number of civilizations that might exist in our Galaxy and are capable of communication. Recently, however, some scientists have argued that the Drake equation is an inaccurate…
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Astronomy fifth assignment
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Astronomy Fifth Assignment al Affiliation) Astronomy 122 Fifth Homework Template In the s we make use of the Drake equation as providing a statistical estimate of the number of civilizations that might exist in our Galaxy and are capable of communication. Recently, however, some scientists have argued that the Drake equation is an inaccurate description. This new theory is known as the "Rare Earth Theory" (by Ward and Brownlee). Do some research on this new theory and identify what the key components of this theory are that suggests planets like the Earth are much rarer than we think they are.
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2. A dramatic new view of the geologic history of the Earth has arisen in the last few years. This view is quite controversial and is known as "Snowball Earth." Summarize what this theory is and what is some of the evidence for and against this hypothesis.
Snowball Earth describes hypothesis that many years the Earth was wholly or entirely covered with ice that stretched from the poles to tropics. The freezing happened in the pre-cambrian, over 60 years ago. It is thought that there occurred more of global glaciations. They differed in time and stretch but when a full on snow events, life could be attached on ice free refuges or at places where sunlight managed penetration through the ice allowing photosynthesis. The opponents of the theory contest the effect of the evidence for the glaciation, the geophysical feasibility of the ice and the difficulty in escaping the frozen condition.
3. Do some research on hydrothermal vents and their associated biological communities. Provide an argument that it is this environment that is most responsible for the existence of life on Earth.
4. Do some research on the rate at which Greenland is Melting and provide evidence that we are nearing a point of return where the ice sheet cannot recover.
5. Do some research on the warming in the arctic and the thawing of Arctic permafrost which releases Methane as part of the thawing process. Discuss whether or not you think we are now heading towards a climate catastrophe.
Lippincott, K. (2004). Astronomy. New York: Dorling Kindersley. Read More
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