Astronomy - The Sun and the Moon - Assignment Example

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Brief description of solar system Origin of solar system Composition of a solar system Current discoveries in astronomy Theories underlying astronomy …
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Astronomy - The Sun and the Moon
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Astronomy- The Sun and the Moon Introduction Brief of solar system Origin of solar system Composition of a solar system
Current discoveries in astronomy
Theories underlying astronomy (Dumusque et al 207–211)
In this paper, we shall focus on the solar system, its components, its origin and more specific the sun and the moon. The sun
on the origin of the sun,
Theories that explain the origin of the sun
Characteristics of the sun
Physical appearance and distinct facts (Landgraf et al 2857–2861)
In the moon we shall focus on:
Origin of the moon (David and Conway 301–314)
Theories that explain origin of the moon
Distinct characteristics of the moon
Physical characteristics of the moon (Reid 161-163)
In conclusion, we shall focus on differences between the moon and the sun regarding
Physical characters
Theories that explain their origin (Reid 883).
Materials that compose in these two heavenly bodies.
Work cited
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Reid, M. Brunthaler, A. "The Proper Motion of Sagittarius A". 2009 The Astrophysical Journal 616 (2): 883. Read More
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