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The 5 Ws Associated with the Evolution of U.S. Offshore Drilling - Essay Example

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This paper, The 5 W’s Associated with the Evolution of U.S. Offshore Drilling, investigates and try to give an answer to what, when, where, who and how they are associated with the evolution of U.S offshore drilling. Many people think that until recently with the Deepwater Horizon…
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The 5 Ws Associated with the Evolution of U.S. Offshore Drilling
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Extract of sample "The 5 Ws Associated with the Evolution of U.S. Offshore Drilling"

Download file to see previous pages After this whole debacle of shallow water, drilling that did not seem to satisfy the big oil companies they wanted more.
With shallow drilling becoming populated, many oil tycoons decided to go further offshore to drill. As I said earlier, the big question I need to answer is why this end up happening did. Were they not satisfied with drilling in shallow water? From making this decision to go deeper depths and drill deepwater drilling caused much change compared to shallow water drilling. Many innovations came from the superstructure used to the process, and to the support for these platforms. From deepwater drilling, there are now talks to go to super deepwater drilling which will be based offs the depths of the water. To wrap up the topic at hand is to state which way and where offshore drilling is heading to. Additionally, the paper shall discuss the offshore vessel and other drillship companies, which all have played a significant role in pushing for drilling in the U.S
Offshore drilling began in 1897 after Edwin Drake drilled the first in 1859 which saw him being him being credited. The pier was used to give support to a land rig next to an existing field. This was the landmark in the drilling invention where after five years there were about 150 offshore well in the area. However, the wells were disappointing and the island was destroyed in 1940 by a storm nevertheless it is still the forerunner of the steel- jacketed platforms of today. In 1938, a failed was discovered offshore Texas where 9,000 feet well was drilled in the same design which was similar to the California wells by use of a wooden pier.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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