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Should we drill for offshore oil - Research Paper Example

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It occurs from fossil; naturally decaying plants and animals. These remains of prehistoric algae and plankton, whose remains settled on the bottom of the sea or…
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Should we drill for offshore oil
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Download file to see previous pages After its formation, it travels from the source rock onto the surface where it is trapped in impermeable layers of rocks and forms a reservoir. Reservoirs range in depth ranging from a hundred feet deep to thousands of feet below the surface. Others are found offshore covered with a lot of water and sediment.
This product is called crude oil and is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms that form highly combustible fuels. It also contains nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur and these three elements lower its quality, making it hard to work with. These hydrocarbons contain paraffin energy that produces gasoline, paraffin wax, and diesel fuel.
In addition, an oil reservoir is a pool of these hydrocarbons that are below the surface in porous rock structures where they have accumulated. They are found in a few countries in the world and most of those in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia having the most oil deposits. It is considered a non-renewable resource as it cannot be replaced naturally, since its formation takes millions of years.
Drilling is the most used method of oil extraction. Identification of the precise location of the oil begins the process. Geologists who use instruments like gravimeters and seismic surveys do this. Once the location is identified, drilling begins. When a steady flow is
The drilling gun is made with explosive charges that enable oil to run through the holes in its casing. Once it has perforated properly, a tube is put into the well that allows the oil to run upwards. The tube is then sealed with a packer that is positioned along the outer part. The final step is placing a structure known as a Christmas tree that allows the flow of the oil to be controlled.
Most of the extracted contains sediments that can be used for energy. If these sediments are not disposed, they can cause pollution. After the harvesting, the oil is pumped into oil tankers where it is transported to oil refineries to be refined into products useful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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