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Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data - Case Study Example

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This paper "Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data" discusses accounting data that is commonly used to analyze the performance of banks. The different performance measures used by the banks for evaluating their performance are the same…
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Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data"

Download file to see previous pages The performance of a bank is evaluated because of various reasons. The banks evaluate their performance to find out the outcomes of previous decisions of management. The bank regulators evaluate the performance of the banks to identify the banks, which are facing severe problems. Evaluation using the published data is also needed by shareholders to make decisions such as whether to buy or sell a share of banks. Furthermore, investment analysts advise their prospective investors regarding the selection of banks for making investments after performance evaluations of banks.

There are different ways, which have been used to evaluate the performance of the banks. When the performance is analysed through available published accounting data then profit ratios, risk ratios and other such measures are calculated that will be discussed in detail. All information available in financial statements is accurate and reliable because it is usually audited and published by the company itself. Standards have been introduced based on which the financial statements are developed. According to Robert Beale and Howard Davey,

Banks are the financial institutions and they can be grouped into various categories based on the products and services they are offering and other factors.3 Therefore, not every bank can be evaluated by following the same evaluating standard however, a set of tools are being used by different banks all over the world to evaluate their performance. A specific but suitable criterion can be selected to analyse the performance of bank. Since there are various factors, which can be used for the evaluation of the performance of a bank; therefore, a brief overview is important to get an idea about them. The Swedish savings banks are less profit-oriented and more service efficient, therefore, they use different criteria to evaluate the performance of the bank.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data Case Study - 1, n.d.)
Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data Case Study - 1.
(Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data Case Study - 1)
Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data Case Study - 1.
“Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data Case Study - 1”.
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