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Spirit of the New European Maritime Policy - Term Paper Example

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In this paper tells about the aims of creating the World Trade Organization such as realization of multilateral trade agreements, reducing the tariff-walls and non-tariff barriers in manufactured, regulation international service trade, creating the mechanism of effect…
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Spirit of the New European Maritime Policy
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Extract of sample "Spirit of the New European Maritime Policy"

Download file to see previous pages Overall economic growth in Europe has been slowing in recent years. Indeed, it is vital for people to reinvigorate Europe’s economy if they are to face up to the challenges of global competition. The maritime sector has been identified as an area where Europeans do well by any standard and within which we should be suitably placed to pursue the goals of stimulating economic growth while creating more and better jobs. The economic potential of the maritime sectors is clear - there is an enormous global market out there for EU maritime products and services.
However, ensuring the sustainable use of the marine environment is clearly a prerequisite before any potential can be fully realized.
Marine science and research have been identified as one of the key components of a future Maritime Policy. European research and technology in maritime-related areas are already in a favorable and competitive position.
Europe is a large peninsula with thousands of kilometers of coastline. It is surrounded by a number of islands, including island-states. The European Union, in particular, is also surrounded by four seas and one ocean, each of which can count the coasts of several Member States along its borders.
The oceans and seas considerably influence our climate and thus our agricultural productivity. They are of considerable economic importance in sustaining hundreds of thousands of jobs in marine industries such as fisheries, tourism, transport, and energy. No less relevant are the social, recreational, aesthetic and cultural uses we make of our ocean and seas.
While researching the problem different methods were used such as the comparative, collecting information.
Europe needs ground-breaking research and technology in order to take the lead in advanced production. Europe also needs it to form the basis for sound policy decisions, for example as regards measures to protect the marine environment. The future maritime policy should therefore aim, not only at preserving this situation of European excellence in research and technology but also aim at further enhancing its role. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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