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Methods Of The Gypsy Moth Control - Research Paper Example

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The Gypsy Moth is a native species from Europe and Asia. The paper "Methods Of The Gypsy Moth Control" discusses that the use of the parasitic wasp attacks indigenous species of butterflies and moths and not the gypsy’s eggs and it can be disastrous to the naturally occurring ecosystem…
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Methods Of The Gypsy Moth Control
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Download file to see previous pages Hundreds of the species escaped and rapidly increased in numbers causing a devastating effect on the foliage coverage in the state of Massachusetts. The Asian strain was introduced into the country in the Northwestern region of the United States and on the Canadian borders by US military equipment from Russia and Germany (Baskin 167). Consequently, in the United States the European strain of the moth is more common while in Canada it is the Asian strain; for sustenance, the insect feeds and lives on over hundreds of species of hardwood trees, conifer and shrubs but they depend on the oak trees. It has been observed that in the eastern United States the invasive species prefer oaks, apple, black hawthorn, basswood, aspens, sugar maple, cottonwoods and a host of other plant species.
The damage by gypsy moth is entirely caused by the caterpillars and this happens episodically in May as they the larvae emerge from the eggs laid by the moth in the winter season. Several types of research focusing on the economic and environmental effect of the pest revealed that it has a devastating effect on aesthetic, recreational and home values in infested regions. The larva begins feeding on the host species in response to sunlight and ravenously chews the plant leaves as they go through their growth life cycles. They grow in size and this increases their appetite for more foliage critically hampering plants growth. The caterpillars achieve maturity stage in mid-June and thereafter seek new hosts to and pupate- this the stage when they finally develop into moths. In the regions where the species has invaded, they end up becoming a nuisance to area residents as they gather in immense numbers on lawns, vehicles, sidewalks and in the building. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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