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From the paper "The Mendoza community" it is clear that being part of the Mendoza community calls for the exemplification of these three individual tenets even as this will have a positive impact on me as an individual and as a professional and the entire Mendoza community.
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The Mendoza community
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The Mendoza community puts great emphasis on service, ethics, and organizational leadership. For this reason, being part of the Mendoza community comes with major responsibilities that also make it possible for a person to contribute positively to the community. These responsibilities revolve around the tenets of individual integrity, organizational excellence, and a concern for the common good. It is expected of an individual to adhere to these tenets as this will have a positive influence at the personal and community level. Nonetheless, as an individual, there are different ways that I can exemplify these three tenets in my capacities both as a student and a professional at the present and in the future.
Individual integrity is imperative for students and professionals. This contributes to their success and makes them have a positive influence in their immediate environment. I thus must exemplify this in order to experience success in my academic and professional life and impact positively on Mendoza community. Individual integrity constitutes values and principles that guide an individual (Sahaf, 2009). As a student, great dedication to studies is a sign of individual integrity and eventually results in excellent academic performance. For instance, dedication to studies in my previous educational levels resulted in academic excellence. The main intention is to continue to embrace this aspect even in Mendoza community. In addition, individual integrity constitutes other different values such as honesty as well as moral principles and standards that any person with integrity must uphold. On the other hand, in the professional life, individual integrity can be exemplified through dedication to work and working with a high level of diligence. According to Gabriel (2010), professionals in the field of accounting are faced with different challenges as well as ethical dilemmas. As a professional in future therefore, I must ensure to act ethically at all times and in major decision-making at the workplace.
Organizational excellence entails putting in efforts to ensure that the organization achieves desired outcomes mainly by acting up to the standards set. In Mendoza community as a student, it is more important to exhibit great adherence to the set rules and regulations. In addition, living and associating with colleagues in a manner that promotes the mission and vision of the school is vital, as this is an indication of exemplification of the community’s values. For a professional, organizational excellence remains equally critical as an individual tenet that can as well be exemplified in different ways. Adapting well to the organizational culture is highly critical. It is also important that professionals adhere to all the organizational rules and standards in order to promote the attainment of the organizational objectives. In my previous work experience, I contributed significantly to organizational objectives. For instance, my input to the Linda firm contributed to the company’s 20 percent increase in volume of tax return compared to the previous year. My input in an organization therefore, counts and contributes to organizational excellence.
An individual can exemplify a concern for common good in different ways. First is by having a positive influence on the people that one interacts with in school and at work. A concern for common good ensures that a person works on the collective interests and not on personal interests only. In this regard, self-centredness is a major hindrance to the exemplification of this individual tenet. As a student, participating in academic group discussions and offering academic assistance to any needful colleague is an exemplification of concern for common good. Apart from being beneficial to the individual, concern for common good has a positive influence on other people and generally the community. On the other hand, a professional must exemplify concern for common good at the workplace even as this will impact positively on fellow employees and the organization at large. For instance, mentoring new employees at entry level as well as interns may have a positive influence on them and the organization at large. Nonetheless, being part of the Mendoza community calls for the exemplification of these three individual tenets even as this will have a positive impact on me as an individual and as a professional and the entire Mendoza community.
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Sahaf, M. (2009). Management Accounting: Principles & Practice. New York: Vikas
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