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Impact of hyperinflation on investors and ordinary citizens - Essay Example

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In order to accomplish that distinct objectives have been framed so that the investigation can be run in a systematic way and consequently arrive at the research result…
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Impact of hyperinflation on investors and ordinary citizens
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Extract of sample "Impact of hyperinflation on investors and ordinary citizens"

Download file to see previous pages or collection of data and determination of the process for analysing the accumulated data and information in order to arrive at a realistic solution of the research problem (Alexander and Dhumale, 2012). Such research methodology will be framed on the basis of the theoretical framework and ongoing economic circumstances in Zimbabwe.
Research philosophy strikes an association between the theoretical aspects of the study with its practical exposure. Therefore, selection of appropriate research philosophy holds utmost importance for the successful completion of a research work. According to Alexander and Dhumale (2012), in order to derive the best research philosophy, its three distinct attributes should be analysed, such as; ontology, epistemology and axiology. The concept of ontology deals with realism and thus, it tends to analyse the social entities and social variables associated with the research objective so that research outcome becomes highly correlated with the practical world. Epistemology concentrates on the study of knowledge and attempts to apply the conjectural aspect for understanding the real world situation. Finally, axiology indicates the importance of value judgements (Alexander and Dhumale, 2012).
As this particular research is conducted for academic purpose, epistemology is considered to be the most relevant philosophy for analysing the impact of hyperinflation on the general inhabitants of Zimbabwe. Under the research epistemology, interpretative research paradigm will be adopted. Excellence of interpretative research philosophy is reflected in its ability to study the accumulated data and information explicitly and interpret the inherent implications of such theoretical information as well as the underlying the responses of the selected sample group accordingly, through application of the credible knowledge level (Maxwell, 2012).
Research approach aids the researcher to precede the research work in a comprehensive manner. Conventional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impact of Hyperinflation on Investors and Ordinary Citizens Essay - 1)
Impact of Hyperinflation on Investors and Ordinary Citizens Essay - 1.
“Impact of Hyperinflation on Investors and Ordinary Citizens Essay - 1”, n.d.
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