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1.To what extent do you agree that globalisation has undermined the power of the nation state Give evidence to support your argument - Essay Example

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The twenty-first century is characterised by a globalised world whereby relatively every aspect of the state’s affairs is viewed from a global perspective. Ideally, the primary function of the state is to formulate laws and oversee their implementation to ensure a country’s…
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1.To what extent do you agree that globalisation has undermined the power of the nation state Give evidence to support your argument
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"1.To what extent do you agree that globalisation has undermined the power of the nation state Give evidence to support your argument"

Download file to see previous pages se of other countries whereby they hold mutual interests but this has far changed since the affairs of the world have been interrelated in a manner whereby multiple states have common interests on particular issues. To maintain order in the operations of individual states, a new level of rules has been formulated differently from the ones that have jurisdiction within the boundaries of different countries (Hamilton, 2015). For instance, each country has its economic policies and the manner that it governs its domestic and international trade relations. However, with the increased need for expansion into the global market firms are now competing with on the global platform and thus much of the regulatory frameworks that are set out by their native countries will fail to control the operations at the international arena due to the disjoint that might arise from the different policies that are applied by various nations. It is from this premise that a new set of international regulations are set to control how firms from different countries relate or rather conduct business with each other universally (Okpara, 2008).
In that light, globalisation tends to undermine the power that nation states initially held in that for example in the economic perspective a firm has to subscribe to international policies on top of the policies of its native country for it to conduct operations effectively in the international arena. In some instances, the foreign policies override or rather collide with policies of individual countries but the former supersedes the latter since the interests of the world are more than those of individual nations. In such situations the autonomy and power of nation states is substantially undermined since the objective of statehood of coming up with policies that protects its interests seems to be overridden by global concern (Homann, Koslowski, & Luetge, 2007). Notably, the extent to which this system works depends on the superiority of the nations in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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1.To What Extent Do You Agree That Globalisation Has Undermined the Essay.
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