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The company is the world’s largest integrated oil company (Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2015). ExxonMobil has an objective of becoming the…
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AU-C 315 project
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AU-C 315 Project al Affiliation) ExxonMobil This paper derives an understanding of objectives, strategies, and business risks with reference to ExxonMobil Company. The company is the world’s largest integrated oil company (Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2015). ExxonMobil has an objective of becoming the dominant petroleum and petrochemical company across the globe while pursuing operational excellence. Moreover, the company seeks to establish a safe working environment, improved energy efficiency, strong business presence, and reliable operation ability (Exxon Mobil Corporation, 2015). Indeed, ExxonMobil Company focuses on refining and supply of fuels, lubricants, and other petroleum products through integrated, reliable, and efficient means. To achieve these objectives, the company adopts fundamental strategies that include developing its labor force at all levels across the globe.
The company maximizes its profitability, identifies, and pursues all attractive perforations opportunities as well as investing in projects with superior returns and low cost. Indeed, the company’s strategy is to invest in new exploration, unconventional resource, expansions, and discoveries. ExxonMobil also seeks to offer high quality products and service to customers in an efficient and effective manner. The company guarantees maximum value to all its stakeholders including customers, employees, and shareholders. Nevertheless, in pursuing its business objectives through the defined strategies, ExxonMobil faces significant risks. The company requires executives who can execute its mandate in the uncertain and volatile oil industry (Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2015). The rise of resource nationalism, reduced oil prices, and increased instability in many oil-rich countries pose a great business risk to the company (Crooks, 2015). The company also faces a risk in identifying business opportunities with high uncertainty but high returns on investment.
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AU-C 315 Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“AU-C 315 Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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