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Relationship of Social Stratification and Racial Inequality - Essay Example

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This paper, Relationship of Social Stratification and Racial Inequality, declares that social stratification pertains to the ranking of individuals or group of individuals in a given society. The article written by Dixon showed that social stratification is correlated with racial inequality…
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Relationship of Social Stratification and Racial Inequality
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"Relationship of Social Stratification and Racial Inequality"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that discrimination among racial minorities is implicitly manifested during the 2000 general election in Florida. Inactive-list voters were denied of the right to vote even after signing the affidavit. Election officials did not allow individuals who moved in another county to vote, as well as failed to help voters in locating their polling place. These issues emerged during the 2000 election as officials in Florida failed to pass legislation that implements the list cleaning of NVRA till 1998. Similar issue arose during the 2004 election in Cleveland wherein black voters suffered from long lines at the polling places, while the white voters benefited from shorter waits and voting machines. Meanwhile, in 2000, some voters complained that they were intimidated and told that they were not eligible to vote beforehand.As the report stresses racial minorities, especially blacks, were likely to transfer from one place to another to find employment opportunities. In addition, they may be more likely to be subjected to legal actions compared to whites due to racial discrimination. Thus, they became subject to “purging” during the 2000 general election in Florida. The study conducted by Ochs found that felon disenfranchisement laws negatively affect black citizens. It weakens the power of the minority voters. Dixon proposed that same-day registration, central voter databases, and provisional ballots will increase voter turnout among blacks.  (321). The current technology can facilitate same-day registration, which ensures that black voter registration matches black voter turn-out. Meanwhile, central voter databases have potential in making registration easier, abolishing re-registration for the cross-county moves, and shortening the voter registration deadline. Lastly, provisional ballots allow black voters to cast their votes even if their eligibility status is not yet confirmed (Dixon 322).
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