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"selection questions" investment banking job application - Essay Example

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The global aspect of this institution gives all clients the ideal international experience. It is fulfilling to work for that particular institutional with such an international…
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"selection questions" investment banking job application
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Download file to see previous pages The UBA offers a non-discriminatory and harassment-free workplace, which nurtures stable career growth with room for career development. The bank offers the ideal work environment for all employees while offering them opportunities to develop their professional banking careers. This is why the UBA global bank serves as the perfect bank to work for.
The position of Analyst for mergers and acquisitions is a very challenging role, which deals with the purchase, merger, sale or takeover of companies (Iannotta 141). Working in such a globally recognized institution as Barclay Bank would provide a positive career challenge and would boost my experience in the banking career. Careerwise, taking up this role at Barclays would give me the necessary exposure and hands-on experience that is necessary to develop the career positively. The international outlook of the company would offer me a huge opportunity to network with others and help build a solid career base. The main objective of working for the institution would be to utilize this unique platform by maximizing on my talents with the intention of positively developing my career. Additionally, I will maximize on the international platform that the opportunity offers. The Barclays Bank is a leading branch globally, and it focuses on integrating global policies in diverse international settings. In addition, the opportunity would help me to bring personal output on an international scale and at the same time boost the merger and acquisitions expertise so as to be able to serve clients better. A chance to be a component of such a dynamic team is indeed hard to find, and this is why being onboard the Barclays fraternity would be such an honor and privilege. Indeed, such added expertise would help in this competitive field, and give it an edge over other banks.
The stronger duty of national governments within banking is a catalyst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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