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Information Needs for the AIS - Coursework Example

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Accounting information systems are software that can be used to help the organization in decision-making especially on how or what ways the business can use in dealing with competitions and forecasting the market environment especially in sales and marketing. The management…
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Information Needs for the AIS
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Download file to see previous pages The assumption gives managers a challenge especially when making decisions based on assumptions. Therefore, the correct interpretation of the information’s systems gives managers the confidence to make concrete decisions that will make their companies successful.
Some companies do not release all their financial information to their stakeholders. The stakeholders are the public, employees and shareholders who have a stake in the company. Withholding such valuable information usually leads to suspicion especially by the shareholders who have invested a lot of money into the business and may want to know how these funds are working for them. Some of the companies may not release information fearing undue competition due to leakage of sensitive financial information that may expose the company to the unnecessary competition.
Managers do not usually have the information they want as they are seeking for it. Managers may have less information than they need but usually conduct research to find out the rest of the information. For one to request the information they know they should have seen it and tested it to determine whether they can make decisions for such a company. It is, therefore, important to have a tested model in order to determine the information you want.
Managers need information and giving them may improve their decision-making. Firstly, the information should be relevant. Presently, many resources carry a lot of information, which needs carefully sorting to get the required data. The assumption is also necessary for that even having experience some of the managers may not correctly use the information to come up with satisfactory decisions. Some managers may not have experience in using certain information to make decisions especially where there is an upsurge of information. Choice of vital information for decision-making is paramount as it determines how the decision made will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Needs for the AIS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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