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Burberry is a retail company that deals in fashion wear and it is a United Kingdom based company but it carries out its operation throughout the world. The company is considered…
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Coursework: Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting
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Download file to see previous pages United Kingdom is considered as the eighth largest economy of the world and Burberry experiences a growth rate of more than 8% and therefore the projected and the forecasted figure signifies that the profit of the company is subjected to increase in the subsequent years. The net borrowings of the company have also decreased. The weighted average cost of capital of the company is more than 6% and the company experiences a cost of equity of more than 9%.
United Kingdom is considered as the fifth largest economy and eight largest economy of the world and it is measured and evaluated in terms of the Gross development product and also in terms of its purchasing power parity. The Gross domestic product in the United Kingdom is around 2522.26 billion US dollar in the year 2013. The Gross development product of the United Kingdom includes 4.07% of the economy of the world. The Gross domestic product is used to measure the output and the national economy of the country as a whole. The average GDP of United Kingdom represents 966.41 billion USD till the period of 2013.
The Gross domestic product of United Kingdom when represented in terms of its purchasing power parity in 2013 it was 35013.27 in terms of US dollars. The purchasing power parity of UK is equivalent to the average GDP of the world. The average of the purchasing power parity in United Kingdom is around 3112.78 US dollar.
United Kingdom is regarded as the most globalized economies of the world. This economy is known as the fourth largest economy of the world in terms of its export as well; as in terms of its import. The recession in the recent years have affected the economy as a whole and the economic downturn is due to the sovereign debt crisis in the economy (Burberry Plc, 2014).
The fashion and the textile industry of United Kingdom employs around 600 thousand people with the help of which United Kingdom is considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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