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Social Media Marketing of Burberry - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Social Media Marketing of Burberry" focuses on the fact that Social Media is a comparatively new phenomenon. A few years back no one could have thought that user-generated content when integrated by the Web 2.0 would have created such a gigantic structure. …
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Social Media Marketing of Burberry
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Extract of sample "Social Media Marketing of Burberry"

Download file to see previous pages But the simplest and most useful one is that it is the usage of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for the promotion of one’s businesses’ products and services. There has been a dramatic and significant change from traditional marketing to social media marketing. This change is reflective of the change in which people communicate with each other. A recent survey shows that two out of three internet users use social media (Vickery, 165). People are also spending more time on social networks than other internet facilities such as email.
Social media is spreading like wildfire. A study shows that social media networks are growing three times faster than overall internet usage. This has huge implications on the advertisement industry. Even News Corp Rupert Murdoch acknowledges the power of social media and has said that – ‘Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment and media. Now it’s the people who are in control’ (Klososky, 219).
Today social media comprises a huge crowd of blogs, websites, forums, chat rooms etc. but the key player that dominates the scene of social media is Facebook. Facebook has some outstanding numbers to its credit. For example, people spend 5 billion minutes interacting with each other via Facebook (Berco et al, 322). Each week one billion of links to other websites, photos and videos are shared by Facebook. All these statistics make Facebook a very dynamic place for marketers.
The other key player is Twitter. This is micro-blogging site where a person can send messages of up to 140 characters either using mobile phone or computer. Its growth is also phenomenal like that of Facebook. According to the January and February records, Twitter grew by a staggering 1,382% (Singh et al, 118). Its popularity can be highlighted by the fact that a lot of people came to know about Michael Jackson’s death through Twitter and not any other source.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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