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Comparative study of two large corporates - Essay Example

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Corporate finance is referred to the part of finance which deals with the funding sources and the corporations’ capital structure which supervisors take in order to augment or boost the firm’s value to the shareholders. It is also used as a tool as well as analysis which are…
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Comparative study of two large corporates
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Download file to see previous pages ciples which trigger corporate finance are the dividend, financing, and investment principles, as well as the goal of company value maximisation which form the main part of the corporate financial hypothesis (Sundaram and Andrew 350-363).
Most of the companies are hold by the shareholders and inside the companies are managers, whose primary goal is to increase the wealth of shareholder and also to foster the progress of the share value. Therefore, the objective of company or the financial management is to constantly strive to increase the wealth of shareholder through dynamic and productive efficiency (Alpaslan 41-50). Another goal of financial management is to benefit the society because consumer and employees are part of the society (Ehrhardt and Brigham 10-11).
It is the biggest aerospace company of the world and the top manufacturer of military aircraft and commercial jetliners combined. Boeing Company manufactures and designs rotocraft, missiles, defence and electronic system, satellites, as well as launch advanced information and vehicles and also the communications systems. It is a main service supplier to NASA and also a main contractor for Global Space Station (“About Us”). It offers various commercial and military airline services. Boeing Company offers support service and products to large group of customers in almost 150 countries. It is also one of the leading U.S. exporters and has a tradition of innovation and aerospace leadership. The company expanded their services and product line in order to meet the rising customer needs. Their wide range of abilities include incorporating military platforms warfighter and the defence system through the network –centric processes; creating more efficient, new members of their airplane family; arranging funding solutions for their customers; and creating highly developed technology solutions which reach across various business units. Having it’s headquarter in Chicago, the company employs over ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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