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Two questions about Mission Statment and one question about chairman messege about Husky Energy Inc - Essay Example

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The corporate mission statement reflects in the first paragraphs that entail company’s strategic plan and upstream and downstream production approaches. Husky Energy is a Canadian corporation dealing with energy production and subsequent crude products (Husky Energy Inc.,…
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Two questions about Mission Statment and one question about chairman messege about Husky Energy Inc
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"Two questions about Mission Statment and one question about chairman messege about Husky Energy Inc"

Download file to see previous pages 1). The company’s mission statement does not touch on any insight regarding ethical behaviors or conduct whatsoever. It applies to the entire annual report as it mostly focuses on business related issues of the company.
The chairperson’s message on the annual report is uplifting. The message addresses issues including strategies for achievements and scoring end rather than on the losing end. The chairperson highlights that Husky’s portfolio is a reflection a general product mix of 73 percent liquids and oil in comparison to almost 69 percent in 2012 (Husky Energy Inc., 2013, p. 5). Slightly above 95 percent of all drilled wells in Western Canada targeted liquids and oil-rich gas. The chairperson talks of how the company has continued to steer a steady course in 2013, characterized by a balanced growth strategy. According to the message, Husky’s Inc. aims to sustain shareholder value achievable through the application of sustainable dividend to the former (Husky Energy Inc., 2013, p. 6). Clearly, the mission statement is about growth and perceived need to see progress of the company in the coming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Two Questions about Mission Statment and One Question about Chairman Essay.
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