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Questions About Death and Living - Coursework Example

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This essay answers the questions about death and living. People are able to make a significant meaning out of death in the contemporary world in several different ways.  The positive acceptance of death has enabled human beings to have great victories during times of warfare. …
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Questions About Death and Living
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"Questions About Death and Living"

Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that human beings are organized in in their actions so that they do not meet with the cruel hands of death. Since there is different perception of death, some tend to ignore it while other welcomes it as part of their cultural settings. The Africans are well known to accept death and hold big ceremonies when their beloved one dies because they believe that he is just somewhere watching them keenly. Through this, they take death as an important cultural aspect with positive outcomes when handled carefully because they even believe that they can talk with the dead in times of help and decision-making.   This paper stresses that death is believed by many to be the end of life on earth. Christians believe that it is the transition from the earthly mortal to heavenly being. Other religions also argue that when one dies, he transforms into another animal or human being and thus it is just a transition from one being to another. These various definitions of death make people to view the world form a different dimension. Those who believe that it is just a transition from one being to another are expected to live a different life form those who seen death as the end of life on earth in preparation for heavenly life. The belief that death is a transition from one being to another instils hope to those who believe in such idea so that they face death with less fear. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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