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Multinational Running And Study Of Spirent Communications - Essay Example

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An author of an essay "Multinational Running And Study Of Spirent Communications" discusses the point that Spirent started expanding their business operations by acquiring and merging with various firms related to telecommunications and electronics industry…
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Multinational Running And Study Of Spirent Communications
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Download file to see previous pages The name Spirent was adopted by the company in the year 2000 and continued its business expansion process with the help of acquisitions and alliances by taking over firms such as Caw Networks, Scientific Software Engineering, Fanfare Software and Imperfect Networks (Morning Star, 2014). The customer offerings of the company are mainly focused on the growth of providing effective test simulations and solutions in networking and communications process (Spirent Communications Plc, 2013). However, the financial performance of Spirent in the year 2013 was not significant in comparison to their performance of preceding years.  The operating profit of Spirent went down from $118.3 million in 2012 to $50.1 million in 2013 (Spirent Communications Plc, 2013).However, based on year performance comparison; Spirent noted that the performance of 2nd half of 2013 had improved by almost 17% from that of the first half (Spirent Communications Plc, 2013). Considering the financial up-downs, strategic and operational planning objectives of Spirent, the report will focus on analyzing the concerned company to evaluate their competitive position. The business performance of Spirent will be observed with the help of data gathered from the financial documents of the company. Beginning with the revenue, Spirent experienced a steep fall in its net revenue in the year 2013 as it decreased by almost 13% after reflecting a steady growth curve for the preceding 4 years since 2009 (Spirent, 2014). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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