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Two Recent Merger and Acquisition Cases - Research Paper Example

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Verizon wireless churned $130 billion for a 45% stake in the most profitable U.S phone company, sealing one of the best deals of the decade in a…
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Two Recent Merger and Acquisition Cases
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"Two Recent Merger and Acquisition Cases"

Download file to see previous pages Verizon shareholders were the winners in the deal in that the new wireless unit was expected to have an annual income of 21.8 billion as operations income, a major boost to Verizon wireless coffers. The implication would be that Verizon wireless would have huge capital for investment in its wireless network infrastructure to take over competition wars to new levels. The deal was particularly of much importance to Vodafone shareholders as the company was not in a position to control operations and dividends in the U.S market. As such, the deal liberated Vodafone to focus more on reinventing and improving its operations in the European market where they have total control of their operations. Concentrating on the European market would improve the value of the company to its shareholders. In other words, the company made efforts to concentrate in smaller market segment hence improved performance and obtaining a competitive edge.
The move to sell Vodafone U.S to Verizon was a response to the dwindling fortunes in the European market, which was badly affected by the debt crises. As such the buyout would leave Vodafone in improved financial status for boosting its network in the European market, which would be a win to Vodafone shareholders after several years of misfortune. The lucrativeness of the deal was evident by the fact that Verizon had agreed to sell its 23% stake in Vodafone Italy back to Vodafone at a cost of $3.5 billion. The amount is a fraction of what Verizon churned out for Vodafone US. On the other hand, the deal was a major boost to Verizon shares in the market. Verizon was expecting at least 10% gain per share since the buyout, a major surprise in the U.S communication market. However, the deal was not without a cost to Verizon. The company faced a major downgrade risk from S & P due to its high debt, with its credit rating being downgraded by one level and risking sinking deeper towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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