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International Investing Project - Term Paper Example

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and Citigroup which are the two multinational corporations in the financial service industry. The other two foreign firms are Advantest limited which is a Japan tech firm and ABB limited which is a prominent tech firm in…
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International Investing Project
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Download file to see previous pages The firm is also seen to be restructuring senior leadership and management positions across all their subsidiaries. There has been rising volumes of new businesses in Asia. For instance in Hong Kong, where Goldman Sachs is reinforcing its M&A team, has been particularly busy. The upsurge in business activity has also pushed up the Asian share of global Mergers & Acquisition to 20.3 percent from 18.4 percent a year ago.
Citi group lending business has been performing quite well. It has the largest number of subsidiaries worldwide and a huge market capitalization. The company’s solvency is viewed as very strong from the 2014 stress test and the cost drivers of the business have been greatly reduced which make Citi have the best yield on its shares as compared to the other three companies.
Advantest Corp operates in three segments: mechatronics system segment, focusing on peripheral devices including test handlers and device interfaces, and services, support and others segment. The last being semiconductor and component test system segment. There is little fluctuation in stock prices for this company, which can be attributed to few innovations over the past years. This has led to low yields in the ordinary share of the company
The Company has been aggressive enough to acquire propulsion contracts in Finland worth $20 million and the level of diversification made by this business in high. They produce far more tech commodities and services than Advantest which gives them leverage and potential good returns.
Citi group stock has also outperformed the market estimate of Standard and Poor’s 500. Suitable prevailing interest rates and increasing new business volumes for the banking sector has benefited the Company. Considering its global presence, one can say that its stock performance is dictated in general by other economies too.
(a) This is a comparison is between the NYSE Japan Arca index and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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