Strategic Financial Concerns for a Typical International Investment Project - Essay Example

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Strategic financial assessment is construed to be more than agreeing or opposing an investment decision. An analysis of the strategic fit of the investment settlement is a prerequisite, meticulously for the reason that it associates with the total corporate vision, the financial evaluation, along with an assessment of any alternatives that brim the investment decision…
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Strategic Financial Concerns for a Typical International Investment Project
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Download file to see previous pages International projects quintessentially engross a broader array of issues than domestic projects and efficaciously, the extrinsic movement from one's own business authority exclaims many unknowns. The factors that influence the investment decisions of the owner with international capital amenities can appear to be a bit intricate and may differ considerably from plan to plan. According to Walewski and Gibson, the accomplishment of a particular project can depend upon a comprehension of the stakes related to such projects. International projects with meticulous reference to investment which are not able to meet factors like possibilities, resources, and schedule often accrue in an array of influences with crucial financial, social, and political consequences (Walewski and Gibson, 2003).
Most of the industry psychoanalysts like Hann and Diekmann construe to the fact that the globalization of international investment market facilitates with tremendous opportunities for business individuals to expand in to new-fangled foreign markets (Hann and Diekmann, 2002). Economic and financial stakes influence the selection of project delivery and documents where currency vacillation impersonates a vital role in resolving the segment of the project which can be contracted for represented overseas. According to Kumar et. al, factors like policy corruption is a critical factor in determining the currency crises (Kumar et. al, 1999). Innumerable risks and risk-associated procedures, when assessed by Dias and Ionnou, related to the fact that there are generally two kinds of risk:
1. Pure risk when there is likelihood for financial thrashing and no likelihood for financial gain
2. Tentative risk which is involved with the likelihood of both gains and thrashings (Dias and Ionnou, 1995).
Many contracted projects are featured by the incongruity between the contracted date and the payment date (Mehrez and Regev, 1983). It is commonly viewed that such a situation is largely engrossed with ambiguities regarding the cost payments, both innate for the project and the investor who has to ensure sufficient funds for the payment time. However, it can be presumed that the decision maker is in possession of an assortment with both liquid as well as non-liquid assets, and it is exorbitantly pricey to bring into use the non-liquid assets in order to finance the projects. Moreover, the liquid assets or the budget are adequate to the project and can be somewhat deferred for the project, thereby, springing a low return, and partly be utilized for an optional long series of Financial Plan with high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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