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How the cultures of Norway, United Kingdom and Greece differ and how it affects the way the countries are run - Essay Example

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How the cultures of Norway, United Kingdom and Greece differ. And how it affects the way the countries are run Sociologists have defined culture as “the ultimate standard of social control where everyone monitor their own behaviour and act accordingly”…
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How the cultures of Norway, United Kingdom and Greece differ and how it affects the way the countries are run
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Download file to see previous pages Situated away from the cultural centres, Norway has a strong culture flourishing from the ninth century. The unique Norwegian Farm Culture, sustained to this day is closely related to the country’s history and geography, due to the scarce resources, harsh climate and the ancient property law. Romanticism has a great influence on Norwegian language and media. With the continued support of government for various activities like exhibitions, cultural projects etc, Norwegian culture flourished in areas of art, literature and music. Present Norwegian culture is a melting pot of various backgrounds and cultures. Norwegians are mainly egalitarian people who mainly focus on fairness, equal rights and open-mindedness. They like people for their nature and not what they do or how much money they have. They are honest and sincere in their relationship and have a simple way of living. Norwegian food has diversified in recent years and all types of food is available along with sea food. Every year Norwegian food festival is celebrated in late august to celebrate different kinds of food. Music has an important role to play in Norwegian history. It has been passed down the generation and mainly includes instrumental and vocal music. The traditional musical instrument includes Hardingfele followed by Harp. The traditional dress is Bunad, an elaborate dress with lot of embroidery and jewellery. From Business perspective there are certain attributes in culture of Norway like informal style, individual interests, Transactional relationship and direct communication. History defined United Kingdom as a developed power, a major power and comprising of four major countries-England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, each of which has retained its distinct culture. But with cultural influence of west, there were changes in United Kingdom’s culture. Humanism, Protestantism and representative democracy developed .With the evolution of industrial revolution in UK, there were major changes in field of agriculture, manufacturing and transportation which impacted socio- economic culture. Formerly a homogeneous society, Britain has become more diverse with people from different part of world living there. British are known for their stiff upper lip and blitz spirit. They still live up to grin and bear attitude in situations of embarrassment. They are reserved and private people and are sticklers for adherence to protocols. British cuisine follows a specific set of traditions and customs of cooking. However British has absorbed the cultural influence of those who settled in Britain. British cuisine’s international significance is limited to full breakfast and Christmas dinner. Britain has made a lot of progress in field of music with British invasion and British-pop evolving. The traditional music is centuries old and has contributed to a lot of genres. It supports major orchestras and was among the two main countries in development of rock music. UK has been in forefront in development of theatre, movies, radio and television. UK has played a major role in scientific developments from the times of scientific revolution. The Royal society serves as a centre for science and is the oldest society developed. From the prospective of business British are formal and look for long-term relationship in Business. The culture of Greece has developed over a thousand of years with influence of Roman Empire, British Empire but according to historians the credit for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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