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1. Introduction to Goldman Sachs 3
1.A. Goldman Sachs History 3
1.B. Goldman Sachs Background 3
1.C. Role in the World of Investments 4
2. How Goldman Sachs Has Performed in the World of Investments 7…
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Goldman Sachs
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Download file to see previous pages 2.A.i. Key Products and Services 7
2.A.ii.Function of Products and Services in the World of Investments 7
2.A.iii. Goldman Sachs’ Role in IPOs 8
2.B. Goldman Sachs’ Influence on the Capital Markets 8
2.B.i. Positive Influences 8
2.B.ii. Debated Influences Among Investors and other Firms/Companies 9
3. Role of Goldman Sachs in China 10
3.A. Key Investment Areas in China 10
3.A.i. Key Areas of Interest of Goldman Sachs in China 10
3.A.ii. Successful Cases/Engagements in China 11
3.B. Valuing China’s Present Economic Situation 11
3.B.i. Current Investment Climate in China- Views 11
3.B.ii. Forecasts for Future Prospects in China 11
4. Conclusion 12
4.A. Goldman Sachs’ Performance in the World of Investments 12
4.B. Goldman Sachs’ Role in China 12
References 13

1. Introduction to Goldman Sachs

1.A. Goldman Sachs History

Goldman Sachs is an American investment bank that has its roots in Manhattan in New York City, having been founded there in 1869, with its key competencies being in general investment banking, financial services, the management of investments, and securities. It leads the world in the management of mergers and acquisitions, the provision of services tied to underwriting, the management of assets, as well as prime brokerage services that it is able to provide to individuals, companies, and countries. Once unassailable and with a pristine reputation built over its lifetime, the bank had seen its reputation and standing in the banking community tarnished as a result of its actuations during the financial crisis that erupted from 2007 and whose after effects are still being felt up to the present day. From its founding by Marcus Goldman in 1869, the firm emerged by the early part of the 20th century as one of the premier banking entities in the US, with expertise and market leadership in the establishment of the market for initial public offerings or IPOs. It was during the time after that, however, that the firm evolved from a trading company to an investment banking entity. The firm further evolved and developed into the 1999’s, to the point where it was able to launch its IPO of its own shares in 1999, transferring about 12 percent ownership of the firm into the hands of the investing public. Throughout this time and after, key personnel in Goldman Sachs went on to become key public officials managing the nation’s finances, as well as key executives in some of the country’s and the world’s major financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch and Citigroup. On the other hand, the controversies surrounding the alleged role of Goldman Sachs in inducing the financial crisis in 2007 and of aggravating the crisis have largely resulted in the reputation and fortunes of the investment bank being heavily hit in recent years, putting into doubt even its future prospects as a going concern and as a bastion of the capitalist system (Answers Corporation, 2012; Google, 2012; Thomson Reuters, 2012; Goldman Sachs, 2012; Taibbi, 2011; Taibbi, 2009; Smith, 2012). 1.B. Goldman Sachs Background The key activities of Goldman Sachs worldwide revolve around the management of investments, investment banking and securities management, as well as the provision of related financial services to countries, rich people, individuals, as well as corporations and other related entities. Its four business segments reflect its core businesses, which are Investment Management, Lending and Investing, Investment Banking, and Institutional Client Services. It has presence in key financial centers all over the world by way of vital offices, while being present likewise in a total of 30 countries Its key officers are the following (Google, 2012; Reuters Thomson, 2012): Lloyd C. Blankfein Chairman of the Board, Chief ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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