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Inside Job - Movie Review Example

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The present report entitled "Inside Job" concerns the documentary which is based on the late 2000 global financial crisis and is segregated into five key parts. Besides, it starts with a brief look at how Iceland was highly deregulated in 2000 and its banks were privatized. …
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Inside Job
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Extract of sample "Inside Job"

Download file to see previous pages The international environment preceding the crisis was characterized by globally stable economic growth, the growth of productivity and a low level of inflation - which was a primary result of policy changes by central banks focused on inflation targeting. Short term interest rates were at historically low levels both in the US and worldwide. Due to the recession in 2001, the US Federal Reserve Board (Fed) introduced a sharp decrease in its target interest rate. Even though this resulted in the recovery of the economy, figures remained weak, not showing signs did not of a substantial GDP growth or growth of employment, at least until 2005. In addition to this "jobless recovery" there were threats of a decrease in inflation, which was already at very low levels and a serious concern that the US might experience a recession decade.
Ferguson titled the first part of the documentary "How We Got Here", wherein he shifts the documentary from Iceland to the United States of America and then explained that the United States’ financial industry had been properly regulated during 1940 to 1980 which was later followed by a prolonged period of deregulation. Ferguson stated that the to explain the roots of the Global Financial Crisis to the early 1980′s when during the Reagan government regime a deregulating bill was being passed for the banking and finance industry, but it was greatly watered down bill was enacted wherein a number of government acts and regulations that came into force after the Great Depression of the early 1930′s.?s. Ferguson regretted that despite the downfall of savings and loan associations in late 1980s, the loud and clear warning that something wasn't right in the finance industry was left unheard and unaddressed, which resulted in continuation of the massive deregulation spree, which went on well into the next decade. In order to convert mortgage and other types of loans into more money-spinning financial instruments, the financial wizards and mathematicians devised many creative ways which were backed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?The movie “Inside Job” elicits strong negative responses from viewers, which are relative based on one’s position of the events outlines and expounded in the movie. Personally, the movie being an expose of the background behind then events that led to the financial crisis of the late 2000s arouses outrage. This is concerning the vivid exposure of the selfish deeds that business executives participated in, in an attempt to line their pockets with more cash and leaving those in vulnerable positions to fend for themselves without any form of security or safety net to fall back on in the event of a financial mishap. The movie arouses emotions of hatred towards those with financial power and annoyance towards regulatory agencies... an...
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...that the buyer is unable to determine the level and extent to which both good and bad assets exist within the all – rolled– into – one approach to investment purchasing. If one considers the process by which a consumer purchases any other product or service, it is almost unimaginable to consider a situation in which one might seek to purchase something without having full knowledge of what specifically they were being given. Lastly, with regards to the interview that was the most powerful and enlightening within the movie “The Inside Job”, is the belief of this student that Glenn Hubbard’s interview was the most telling. Although the interview itself only lasted for approximately 1 minute, the...
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...? Inside Job Capture of the government and academic sectors by the U.S. financial industry It has been observed that high ranked Federal government officials as well as the researchers in the academic sectors are influenced by the financial industry in US. The capture of US government officials leading to activities that serves the interest of the US financial sector instead of their roles and duties towards the welfare of the public could be termed as regulatory capture. Some of the high ranked officials appointed by the presidents of US over the years have been big businessmen and have commendable contribution in the financial industry in the past. These high ranked officials are biased in serving the...
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...The Inside Job The Inside Job is an American documentary directed by Charles Ferguson and produced by Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs. The documentary runs for 108 minutes and was released in 2010. Sony Pictures Classics was the company responsible for its distribution. The documentary is about the financial crisis experienced in 2007 and 2008 among other vital economical issues in the United States and on the globe in general. The 2007 global financial crisis was a result of poor loaning scheme to the real estate sector that led to the worst state of bankrupt ever recorded. The United States legislators, out of their own greed, ordered the banking institutions to...
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...? Iceland financial crisis 2008 Icelandic financial Crisis 2008 was one of the major economic and political crises in Iceland (Boyes). The economic crisis of the country affected three countries having ownership of private owned commercial banks. Relatively to the size of Iceland’s economy, it is the largest systemic banking collapse suffered by any country in the economic history. This paper aims to analyze the documentary “Job Inside” that critically analyzes Icelandic financial crisis. Iceland is one of the richest economies in Europe. Iceland’s business tycoon and three main private sector banks of the country acquired ten times more debt than its economy. In my opinion, these banks acquired many...
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...Inside Job Inside Job is a film directed by Charles Ferguson that considers the financial crisis through a highly engaging five-part structure. While the documentary’s overall narrative and investigative reporting are thought provoking, the film’s construction and the articulation of these concepts are perhaps the film’s most notable elements. This essay considers the filmmaking elements of Inside Job, analyzing them for their meaning making capacity. A great number of filmmaking techniques are implemented throughout Inside Job to convey the film’s thematic concerns. From the opening scenes it’s evident that the general structure of the film is such that it implements interview, voice over narration, and compelling videos... . In...
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...The Inside Job The Inside job is a documentary film that was done in about the 2000 financial crisis that happened in America. Charles H. Ferguson, the director exposes the systematic corruption that happened in the financial industry in the US and their repercussions. The film reveals how various changes in the policy environment and banking practices created the financial crisis that faced the country. Ferguson uses fascinating interviews to lay out the story. In the 1980’s the financial services and markets were deregulated. Alan Greenspan, manager to the America Federal Reserve board was the mastermind of this liberalization move. Loan companies and banks became more...
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Inside job movie by charles ferguson

...Insert The Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon, produced and directed by Charles Ferguson, is a documentary movie about the financial recession of the late 2000s. Well researched, the exposition film was positively received by film critics. The film, divided into five parts, talks about how banking practice and policy environment changes led to the cited financial recession. Basically, the movie blames the financial recession on the systemic corruption that was rife in the United States’ financial sector. The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature in 2010 and was aired in the Cannes Film Festival in the same year. The first part (How We Got There) talks about the high deregulation of...
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