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The following book report under the title "Family and Consumer Science" deals with a children's book that talks about the social and natural sciences. According to the text, it deals with the families and communities and in the environment, they live in. …
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Extract of sample "Family and Consumer Science"

Family and consumer science is a children's book that talks about the social and natural sciences. It deals with the families and communities and in the environment they live in. This book is an educational program offering complete information and constructive guidance towards parenting and divorce related topics.
This book is designed to help children understand how to deal and interact with both parents at the time of divorce. In reality divorce is hard for every member for the family but it even difficult and harder for the children because of the negative impacts of divorce on children. Therefore, this book helps understand the critical issues of divorce for children how they cope up with the problems, how they adjust with the new routine and how they get torn apart.
For parents it a great challenge to be a proper parent while experiencing the life-changing trauma of divorce where only our children suffer this situation has adverse impacts on their mental health because in when a couple goes through a divorce the one parent usually the mother receives the sole custody while other and mostly the father receives the visitation rights and paid child support.
The system encourages a never-ending combat between the two people who are already not getting along these situations have negative impacts on the children, they feel neglected and confused by which side to choose. It every child's right to live in a safe environment to have predictability and familiarity in their environment and to have both of their parents living together which makes them feel safe. Therefore, family and consumer science is a children's handbook which refers to this issue and teaches them about how to deal with this issue and provides them with principal messages for the children.
The strength of this is book is that it talks about the problems that children suffer from after their parents breakup and while deciding which one of the two will have the custody to keep their children, teaches them nothing but the bitterness and anger toward each other. It is highly occasional that they will ever speak with civility with each other again. these things play a very negative role in the children's life they try to suppress their feelings about the whole situation they might not share how they feel and what they want so openly and how badly it is affecting them because they suffer from broken attachments with either one or both their parents (Family And Consumer Sciences 1998).
But all this can be avoided and is not necessarily the case if parents try to work out their problem together in a way that promotes consistency, acceptance, love, safety and the same amount of care and attention that they always get from both their parents. Parents mutually need to come up with an approach for developing a post-divorce relationship where both the parents share their responsibilities and focus on damage reduction for their children.
Although the weakness of this book is that it does not talk about how children should interact with their parents and how they should become the support system for them at this time because going through a divorce is not easy. What adds up to this issue is deciding and fighting for the custody of their children both the parties, parents and children go through immense amount of pain which also creates differences in their relationships.
Family and consumer sciences is viewed as a complete guidance for individuals, families and children living in the society and dealing with the issue of divorce. It guides them through and helps understand the factors which can make this situation easier for children which indirectly makes this situation easier for the parents.
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Family and Consumer Sciences.S.l.: Wentzville R-IV School District, 1998. Print. Read More
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Family and Consumer Science Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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