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How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity - Essay Example

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The essay "How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity" claims that the development of human attitude, particularly attachment to other human beings, is often complex and debatable and is a difficult process. Maternal effects are said to occur when the phenotype of an individual is determined not only by its own genotype and the environmental conditions it experiences while developing…
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How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity
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Extract of sample "How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity"

Download file to see previous pages But this does not intend to scare parents though because it was stressed that the attachment process is about building a relationship, it means connecting ties of affection and regard and bonding with the child before birth, and attaching with him after birth ( This, I believe is one of the social perspectives of parental attachment. From a different perspective, however, it is said that our human brain constantly develops throughout time, striving to connect with stimulation from the environment through its neurons that constantly communicate through mutual situations (Cozolino, 2006). Our brains are believed to be a highly social organism that in the brain system’s architecture and development throughout time, we determine how to interact with other people. According to a famous psychologist, Jean Piaget, the development of human intelligence includes the basic mechanism of ensuring equilibrium in the relations between the person and the environment, and that at any moment in human development, we assimilate the environment through schemes of action that are already available and observable (Gormly, 1993). In another perspective, it is believed that the transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life involves numerous changes in the nervous system as the infant adapts to his or her new environment and caregivers. In the past two decades, our knowledge of response patterns, interactive abilities, and cues used by term and preterm infants to communicate with caregivers has expanded dramatically and that the term newborn has the ability to receive and process information and respond in ways suited to neonatal development in the preterm infant (Blackburn, 2007).
Considering the science of genetics, on the other hand, attachment is seen as the maternal effects on a newborn child. As early as conception, maternal effects are said to occur when the phenotype of an is determined not only by its own genotype and the environmental conditions it experiences during development but also by the phenotype or environment of its mother. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity Essay, n.d.)
How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity Essay.
(How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity Essay)
How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity Essay.
“How a Newborn Is Affected by Maternal Plasticity Essay”.
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