How Actively Fathers Participate In the Birth of their Children - Essay Example

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The author states that the feeling of becoming a father comes with a sense of responsibility of the prospective father to another human being who requires smooth and tender care. There is a feeling of having the security of a job to provide for the young one…
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How Actively Fathers Participate In the Birth of their Children
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How Actively Fathers Participate In the Birth of their Children (A) Expectant fathers Q1. The feeling of becoming afather comes with a sense of responsibility of the prospective father to another human being who requires smooth and tender care. There is a feeling of having security of job to provide for the young one.
Q2. I involve in my wife’s pregnancy providing her with basic requirements during pregnancy such as giving balance diet, emotional and physical support including exercise (Walter and Judith 263). You assist you wife with domestic chores which may be heavy for her to perform. Provide support for encouragement while attending the pre-natal care in clinics.
Q3. There are various roles a father can play at the childbirth such as providing moral support in the delivery room during labor pains. Father’s presence in childbirth is very vital to provide any assistance when urgently needed during delivery. You should be around to voice the changes of the nursing staff that seem irresponsible. The part I would like to play is provision of moral support and assistance to the nursing team for any eventuality.
Q4. A good father means a kind and loving individual who supports and loves his family members without discrimination. He gives spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional support to the member of his family when needed.
Q5. Having a child would change the life of a man in diverse ways. First, he should accept responsibility and security for the child. The suggestion comes with less night and sleepless nights while taking care of the child and changing pampers. Spend more time with the child to socialize and enable the child to recognize you as the father and an important member of their family.
(B) Fathers
Q1. The part I played in my children birth was to provision of necessary moral support to my wife in the labor room walking her up and down before the actual delivery. Secondly, there was assistance given to the nursing team providing care during the childbirth.
Q2. The three great challenges I face as father is the feeling of being overwhelmed by negative effects pressing on their children and the resources’ to thwart the forces. A father may have a feeling of competing for the attention and loyalty of his child because the children concentrate much on multimedia (Lauwers and Anna 562). They again have feeling that they are pushing their children to what children don’t need since the children never heed to advice and are hard. Parents may feel despised by their children because of self-sufficient ability developed by the children.
Q3. A good father is a kind and loving father who gives all kind of support to his family member such as the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial support. He would readily deliver any support to the family irrespective of the situation that might face them.
Q4. Having a child has enabled me to have a sense of responsibility rams for never had before. It has inculcated a principle of maturity and ability to save for the plans because of the emergencies accompanied by bringing up of a young child.
Q5. A new father much has a plan to take care of his family by provision of basic needs required by the family. A father should organize the health care program for the newborn spending less and saving more for any eventuality that arises unplanned.
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