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This paper compares divorce rates and other related data between three countries: United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The divorce rate in the United States is %. The main reasons include low socio-economic background, separated parents, lack of financial security…
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Divorce as One of the Main Social Problems of Every Country
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Divorce is becoming one of the main social problems of every other country. It is a dilemma that couples do not strive hard enough to keep the relationship going; and, end up in divorce which is psychologically lethal for the couple and the children. This paper compares divorce rates and other related data between three countries: United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
United States
Divorce rate in the United States is %. The main reasons include low socio-economic background, separated parents, lack of financial security, joblessness, pre-marital pregnancy, extramarital affairs, and very early marriage. People are free to marry whoever they want. There is little religious affiliation due to which familial bonds hold little significance and people get indulged in infidelity. There is little commitment to spousal relations and expectations are high. Domestic abuse is also on its rise. “A recent national survey79 found that the most common reason given for divorce was “lack of commitment” (73% said this was a major reason)”, states Doherty (44). Education attainment rates increased among 25- to 29- years old between 1990 and 2013 (National Center for Education Statistics). The age of marriage varies from state to state, with New York being the oldest-marrying state (28.8 for women, 30.3 for men) and Utah being the youngest (23.5 for women and 25.6 for men) (Shim).
Divorce rate in Canada is %. Four in ten marriages are ending in divorce which is a rate much higher than the past decades (CBCNews). The main reason is economic downturn and inflation in prices, which has led to stress among spouses. Both the spouses are expected to earn; otherwise, making the both ends meet becomes difficult. Debt and poverty is also on its rise due to economic recession. Men are working for longer hours. This makes them spend less time with families and partners. Education rate is increasing, as Employment and Social Development Canada (para.2) suggests: “In 2012, about 53.6% of Canadians aged 15 and over had trade certificates, college diplomas and university degrees. This was an increase of 20.9 percentage points since 1990.” Also, the average age at first marriage for men was 31.1 years in 2008, and for women it was 29.1 years.
United Kingdom
Divorce rate is %. Kelsey states that infidelity is no more the primary reason for divorce in UK, as growing apart or out of love is becoming the biggest reason why people separate. Other reasons include domestic abuse, incompatibility, getting bored, lack of communication, children, high expectations, mental health, low socio-economic status, and less money. The age of marriage is also lower. “The mean age at marriage in 2012 was 36.5 years for men and 34.0 years for women (Office for National Statistics). Education level is high, with 77% of adults aged 25-64 possessing the equivalent of a high-school degree (OECD).
Divorce is on its rise in all the three countries listed above. It is recommended that couples seek marriage counseling before deciding for divorce. Religious affiliation must be developed so that couples may be able to understand the real purpose of bondage and harmony among individuals.
Bar chart1: A comparison of population as in year 2014
United States= 322,583,006
Canada= 35 589 809
United Kingdom= 64,511,000
Bar chart2: A comparison of divorce rates
United States= 50%
Canada= 66%
United Kingdom= 42%
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