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This essay is about my family and it's members. My family resides in the suburbs five kilometers from the city. My nuclear family consists of five members that include my father, my mother, my brother, and my sister. …
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My Family
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My Family My nuclear family consists of five members that include my father, my mother, my brother, and my sister. My father is a professional accountant working in a local company while my mother is a high school tutor. My brother, my sister, and I are all students. I am the eldest child in my family followed by my sister while my brother is the youngest. My family resides in the suburbs five kilometers from the city. My family rests on a Christian background and is financially stable. My extended family includes my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins from both my mother’s side and my father’s side. Family members from my mother’s side are farmers who believe in working in their farms to get food and money from the sale of commercial crops. They independently rely on their farm output to feed their children. The men mostly do the farming. The learned women in this part of my extended family are mostly teachers. Indeed, my mother draws her interest in tutoring from here. As such, the women outlive the men in my mother’s side of the extended family. On my father’s side of my extended family, most men are police officers or wardens while most women are professional nurses. Therefore, the women equally outlive the men in this side of my extended family. However, both sides of my extended family come from a Christian background and maintain peaceful relations and good morals. Actually, we usually have family get together annually where my extended family meets to enhance unity, love, and sharing.
Just like in other families, my parents absorb the role of supporting the children morally, financially, and spiritually in our academic life and daily endeavors. Both parents provide for the family although my father acts as the head of the house. Subsequently, like in any other family setup, the children strive to succeed in their studies, maintain good morals to the society, and absolute obedience to the parents. We attend church meetings, fellowships, and other relevant societal meetings. Indeed, my family participates in community development and charitable projects just like other families of good will. My family relates well with our neighbors and where possible we visit one another and share in many aspects. During weekends, my family goes for shopping and we frequently go on holiday just like other families.
In fact, all families are unique. My family is equally different from others in many ways. For example, when the economic depression hit Europe most families left and sought better chances elsewhere unlike my family that opted to remain behind and workout survival tactics. Unlike in many families where the responsibility of instilling good morals lies with the women, in my family, men and especially my father takes special concern in the way his children grow up morally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Additionally, unlike other families that has house helps, my family does not have one as my parents believes that we should train ourselves to work in all house departments. Moreover, unlike other families that push their children to adopt careers of their parents, my parents have given us liberty to pursue careers of our choice. Read More
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