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Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper - Essay Example

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This paper "Enhancing Food Safety - Dr Pepper" focuses on the fact that the food industry is one of the most sensitive industries and government involvement becomes overly important. Dr Pepper having a big share of the soft drink industry is certainly subject to government scrutiny. …
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Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper
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Extract of sample "Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper"

Governmental agencies, especially FDA and HHS, are directly responsible for overseeing the health aspect of the food industry (National Research Council et al, 2010). The agencies oversee that food industries such as Dr Pepper provide the best food products to the population using the stipulated guidelines.
On the other hand, NIST, and the United States Department of Commerce oversee that any business-related activities are done in accordance with the stipulated guidelines, rules, and regulations (National Research Council, 2002). Dr Pepper is a business entity has to be bound by the regulations of these commerce and standards agencies. The above agencies would be of the utmost importance when doing research on Dr Pepper. They would provide profound information both in health and commerce aspect of Dr Pepper. However, gathering information about Dr Pepper from any of the aforementioned agencies would require proper authorization from each agency. Although the requirements for different agencies may be different, research ethics protocols may be needed from any of the agency.
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(Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 345 Words)
Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 345 Words.
“Enhancing Food Safety - Dr. Pepper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 345 Words”, n.d.
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