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One full page response paper for each article__total up to 11 articles - Assignment Example

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First and foremost, the most interesting thing that immediately catches the attention is the title. It has a hint that something profound is being said. “This is Water” is explaining…
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One full page response paper for each article__total up to 11 articles
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Download file to see previous pages This speech is interesting an uplifting. There is, of course, a beautiful literary discussion occurring but, also, the interpretation that he may be instilling in others in formidable. Today we live in a world where reality television and the cyber lives we lead on social media are making us more critical of others, not more empathetic. We need to continue to feel for others and educate ourselves so that we can contribute to positive endeavors and productive changes when needed. The only way we can achieve that is to not allow ourselves to become deluded that we are the centers of our own little universe (Wallace 1-2). This is speech is well-written and conveys its messages beautifully. It was a pleasure to read.
The American English language is an incredibly difficult language to learn especially if you are from somewhere far away and the land and its language are completely foreign to you. We hear people with accents or broken English everyday who sometimes mispronounce the words or convey the verbiage poorly. Some people would criticize their lack of skill and fluency, while others might give them credit for making the effort. Amy Tan’s article, “MotherTongue,” is a fascinating look from the perspective of a child raised by someone who speaks broken English with thick Asian overtones. She explains that while most people would find her mother’s use of the English language clumsy and simplistic, to her daughter it was perfectly beautiful and made perfect sense, because that is her mother and she understands her just fine (Tan76-80).
There is also a wonderful and empowering aspect to this article. It is when she discusses throughout the world how Asians are pressured and stereotyped into doing mathematics and accounting, seldom the humanities, and never English studies However, she defied the stereotypes around her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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