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The paper "Average Consumption of Calories in the US" discusses that the author writes that if he uses up 1.3873 acres of land, then 290 million people would require 402,317,000 acres of land. This result is after each person consumes 3865 calories per day…
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China has 1.2 billion people. There is a total of 2.37 billion acres of land in China, of which only 710 million is of agricultural quality. If all of the Chinese had a diet like yours, how much land would be needed? Is it realistic for them to eat this much?
1200000000 X 1.3873 = 1664760000
1.2 billion people using the same calories as me would require 1.66476 billion acres of land. However, 710 million is agriculturally usable hence there is a deficit of 954. 76 million acres of land. Therefore, it is not realistic for people in China to eat the same amount of food like me. Read More
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