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Safe Assignment: Changing Perspectives of Marriage - Essay Example

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Changing Perspectives of Marriage Name Instructor Course Date Women have demonstrated increased involvement in the workforce since the end of World War II. Women have shifted from household business to paid employment. They have also chipped in to carry to venture into professions that were once set aside for men (Lenore Taylor, 2013)…
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Safe Assignment: Changing Perspectives of Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the history, working women were seen as immoral and unfeminine objects of pity. Some uncouth people viewed women as immoral and being negligent mothers. Women were not respected by the employers and were required to fulfill their household duties (Lenore Taylor, 2013). In addition to this, women were supposed to be good mothers. These responsibilities were simultaneous barring women from advancing their careers. At this time, advancing careers for men was easier that for their women counterparts. Despite the increasing numbers, women have continued to venture into lower-paying jobs, lower-status and being classified in a limited number of convectional careers. Low-paying traditionally female careers, including nursing, teaching, social work, administrative support, and clerical jobs, showed the persistent societal beliefs that women occupied the low profile jobs. This made women to lag behind men and to be more dependent on women (Blow, 2013). This discrepancy in the amount of income that women and men earn brings the perception about the occupations that each gender ought to occupy. Consequently, the amount of income dictates the kind of marriage the one can live. Similarly, the occupation that one ventures into determines the progress of a marriage (John Bingham, 2013). Some occupations are too much involving hence bringing family conflicts. The traditional notion that barred women from career professional has not come out of many people. Many social scientists have refuted the idea that a career woman can stand a marriage. Whilst marriages are known to be more involving and stressful, career women are likely to get divorced than housewives. Career women are more likely to cheat and to have children those women without careers. Scientific research has concluded that many women who are happy in marriage tend to do so when their husbands are the sole breadwinners (John Bingham, 2013). If these social scientists are to be believed, many career men would marry housewives. Career men like being associated with women whose ambitions are similar to theirs. Ladies, who are ambitious, engaged and informed have high chances of getting hooked up with career men. This is because career men have realized that women should be given their opportunities and chances to explore their talents and professions. There are many factors that contribute to a stable marriage. These include race, occupation, age, socio-economic status, and religious beliefs. Many working and married women have fruitful marriages only that their chances of getting divorced are high. Career women are those ladies who have achieved their degrees and nit those who have just found themselves working (Blow, 2013). The reasoning capabilities of a career woman are higher than those of school dropouts. If social researches are to be believed, marrying career women will be increasing troubles in a man’s life (Lenore Taylor, 2013). This is because women will prefer staying at their job places than in staying at home looking for children. It will present a serious challenge to a man’s or a woman’s life when the woman is earning more that her husband (John Bingham, 2013). Despite the fact that the relationship between women and divorce rates is very controversial and complex, much of this relationship is based on common sense and economic theory. According to classical economics, a marriage is part of the exercise in labor specialization. This was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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