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Technology and Decision Making - Research Paper Example

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1. The use of technology has influence a lot the patient and client management in the medical field. When a patient reaches the office of a doctor they must provide the receptionist with a copy of their medical insurance. The office clerk at the doctor’s office will use technology to access the information system of the medical plan…
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Technology and Decision Making Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Most doctors prescribe some type of drug to patients after visits. In the past the doctor would write the prescription and make a note in the patient’s medical record. Nowadays doctors used a computerized system to keep track of the different prescriptions that are prepared for the patients. The use of technology has improved the quality of patient care without adding any additional costs to the service from the perspective of the patient. Technology has revolutionized the way doctors’ deal with patient treatment. In the past if the doctors had any doubts about the right treatment for the patient the doctors had to dig through the collection of books and literature to find solutions for the patient. Technology has made books virtually obsolete as doctors can use technological devices such as PDA or smartphones to gain access to databases of medical information. The internet is another valuable technological resource doctors can use to gain access to valuable information that can be used to improve patient care. The invoicing function of doctors’ offices has become automated as doctors are using technology to achieve electronic billing. One of the advantages of electronic billing is that minimizes the work associated with medical invoicing and in theory this method will enable doctors to receive payment faster from the insurance companies. Some of the medical fields that will benefit from technology in the coming years include antiviral drugs, biotechnology, digital diagnostic technology, molecular diagnosis, tissues and organ transplantation (Suad, et al., 2009). Technology has helped humanity in many ways including major advancements in the diagnostic and treatment of diseases. 2. During the past 20 years the medical field has seen a lot of advances in the care patients receive due to advancements in technology. Technology has positively influence the health care field. Technology is used through the entire supply chain in the healthcare field. Pharmaceutical companies take advantage of technology in their research and development process of creating new drugs. It is estimated that every new drug cost over $800 million to produce. Technology has improved patient care in a variety of ways. One of the aspects of technology that has changed the way medicine is performed is diagnostic medicine. Hospital and doctors are using machines such as X-rays machines to make more accurate diagnostic of a patient’s conditions. Technology has also improved the labs test doctors prescribe in order to determine the possible causes of a disease. Today due to advancements in technology laboratory test are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than ever before. Doctors that have advanced degrees such as surgeons benefit from technology since the tools they use are highly advanced. Take for example doctors dedicated to performing laser surgery on the eyes. These types of procedures when it came out 20 years ago cost nearly $50,000. Today due to advancements in technology a person can receive the same treatment for a few thousand dollars. The treatment of many diseases such as cancer has come a long way due to technology. Cancer patients today due to technological advances can receive chimotherary to alleviate the condition and extend the patient’s life. A lot of other health conditions are now treatable due to technologi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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