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Power, Authority, and Decision-Making - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Power, Authority, and Decision-Making" focuses on the fact that effective decision-making is the principal predictor of successful performance in organizations. The past years were marked by the growing importance of the complex decision-making frameworks in organizations. …
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Power, Authority, and Decision-Making
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Extract of sample "Power, Authority, and Decision-Making"

Download file to see previous pages The choice of decision-making parties, the process of framing the problem and, more importantly, identifying and choosing the best alternative remain a serious issue, which not all organizations can successfully resolve. Even if certain decision-making models work and support organizations in their striving to make the best decision, effective decision-making is possible only on a case-to-case basis. Put simply, organizations and decision-making parties must consider each problem separately, in regard to its context, the anticipated outcomes, and possible barriers to implementing the final decision.
Decision making in our organization has been a crucial issue for the last five years. Our organization provides customers with superior quality of financial consultation services. However, in 2009, the amount of the consultation services rapidly decreased and customers started to look for other similar companies elsewhere. In order to make a decision and to work out new strategies, managers of the company put their efforts together and started to develop new strategic decision directed on the satisfaction of their clients’ needs.
First of all, we focused our attention on strategic evaluation and planning (Winthrop). The primary goals of the planning were referred to the overall strategic goals of the organization. Thus our organization made an emphasis on front-line efforts. We decided to shift the accents of our organization from financial issues to a person-centred approach. An individual/client became in the centre of our organizational concern. Consequently, organizational attitudes toward clients resulted in a different attitude toward employees. We decided to unify our company at all levels. Thus the process of decision making in our organization was in terms of organizational change management involving “the implications that a change in one input can have on the corresponding output” (Winthrop).   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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