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The four most significant concepts learn in HRM 6603 - Research Paper Example

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The four most important concepts of Human resource management (HRM) Executive summary As the requirement of skilled resources and service sectors have been in the offing, there is an increasing need for developing the human resource management for any organization…
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The four most significant concepts learn in HRM 6603
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Download file to see previous pages Under this situation it is important to introduce a legal framework to bind the activities of the employees within the organization and to increase their productivity in work. Feedbacks and evaluation of performance from time to time is very essential to keep the human resources on their toes. The compensation of the employee reflects his value to an organization and hence this is another aspect within the jurisdiction of the human resource management. The paper highlights these four concepts, strategic HRM, Performance management system, legal framework and compensation. Strategic HRM Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) can be recognized as one of the most empowering and significant ideas to have emerged in the trade management field for the last quarter of the century. Policy makers of state levels have long been arguing about the thought regarding conceptualizing promotion of “high performance workplaces” and “human capital management”. (Greame, Storey, Billsberry, 2005, pp.1-2). SHRM can be regarded as a process of linking human resources with strategic aims in a bid to substantially perk up business- related performance and grow a unique organizational culture that initiates innovation, flexibility and competitive gains. SHRM provides path to building the basis of a long term strategic advantage by creation of effective organizational skill structures and mechanisms, culture, value proposition of the available human resources, a proper communication strategy and preparing an efficient team trained for ups and downs which include mergers and acquisitions. In a more descriptive and theoretical light, strategic management is like a cycle wherein various activities are constantly taking place and are dependent upon one another. This cycle can be sub categorized into five steps: 1. Goals and mission: The first step of a strategic management model initiates with senior managers of an organization evaluating their current position in relation to the current missions and goals of the organization. Mission explains the values and aspirations of the organization; it is the organization’s main motive and indicates the future directions of the senior management levels. Goals are the desired end results sought through the outcome of the operating methods of the organization and are described mainly in short- run perspectives (Bratton, n.d., pp.40-41).      2. Analysis of environment: It looks at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization and looks for external threats and opportunities. The most crucial factors to an organization’s future is referred to as strategic factors summarized by the acronym SWOT-Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (Bratton, n.d., p.40) 3. Formulation of strategy: This involves evaluation of the interaction between strategic factors and formulating strategic choices to lead the managers to achieve organizational goals (Bratton, n.d., p.41). 4. Strategy implementation: This area of activity focuses on techniques implemented by the managers to execute their strategies. It mainly deals with the organizational formation, leadership styles, information-control systems and human resource management, leadership being the most difficult part of implementation (Bratton, n.d., p.41). 5. Evaluation of the implemented strategy: This activity helps determine the extent of real performance and change matching the desired ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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