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Open Ended, Must Be Related to Deserts - Research Paper Example

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Complete The Mojave Desert A rain-shadow desert stretching between the Great Basin and the Sonoran Desert in the arid region of southeastern California and the neighboring states of America, the Mojave Desert is both an elevated and a sunken spectacle known to have battled winds, floods, and even its own share of drought only time could tell…
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Open Ended, Must Be Related to Deserts
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Download file to see previous pages Though the Death Valley reaches 134°F, under fair weather the Mojave Desert appears to boast off its sparing potential to allow some two hundred indigenous species of plant to thrive upon its creamy vastness, alluding that somewhere, somehow, beauty and hope toward conducive livelihood still exist. With salt flats and metal deposits, one essentially wonders how this might bring industriousness out of probable inhabitants yet seeing the way history has shaped this form of land, it amply seems more rewarding to preserve the features of classical worth which the concerned multitude are aware of. Given the seldom opportunity to explore the Mojave Desert, I would definitely run into the trees and the rest of the thriving nature around, not minding how less diverse they have often been. To bask in the beating sun in the day and feel the heart of the desert in the manner by which its collective substance responds to rays and rays of energy should prove quite worthwhile. Knowing that it is this side of the world and nature that is rarely visited by leisure or feel-good tripping moments, people must be pondering of an advantage to acquire from the contemplative scenario of the Mojave Desert by night. In my case at least, there could be anticipating a point of pure meditation, if not bliss, sitting outside a humble tent or simply holding breath to give way to a unique sensibility and connection with the sound of certain exotic creatures lurking nearby. By Sylvia Plath’s creative description of its truth, vivid and figurative alike, in the poem ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’, she expresses ‘I think of the lizards airing their tongues - In the crevice of an extremely small shadow – And the toad guarding his heart’s droplet – The desert is white as a blind man’s eye, Comfortless as salt. Snake and bird doze behind the old masks of fury.’ Consequently, one recognizes the desert’s wild life that is rather more sensitive and reserved than aggressive. It might just be in this occasion that the Mojave Desert reveals its sentimental value before it transforms to another kind of freedom at daybreak. Imagining myself lying on such a spot of expanse to experience a special respiration away from the urban community within this setting, I could picture an atmosphere filled with throbbing as if the desert possesses a spiritual force inviting a desert or every remainder of loneliness in me to join its contained solace then grasp further an understanding of its treasure or capacity for comfort and salvation despite the strangeness of immensity attached with it. The Mojave Desert is never silent though it will never communicate in terms of the human language yet it certainly speaks from the soft spot channeled through the sound, smell, and touch made by the breathing ground, the peculiar bushes, and other plants with all the living reptilian creatures in its keeping. For both events whether sunup or sunset, it occurs that my physical presence in this desert would amount to a profound engagement with the earth in the purest of natural state, undisturbed by any trace of mankind. While the chief indicators of the desert as in the Joshua-tree and the Desert Spanish Bayonet, a narrow-leafed yucca show the Mojave Desert’s generosity in maintaining their prominence, such splendor I think is in every way a privilege to be part of especially as it radiates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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