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Patriotism in War Films - Research Paper Example

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Patriotism in War Films Introduction Patriotism is a natural feeling of love for one’s ancestry, culture or homeland. It cannot be developed by forcing one to love his country. It comes naturally in the form of inspiration to do something for the country in order to make it a better place to live in…
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Patriotism in War Films
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"Patriotism in War Films"

Download file to see previous pages A flower seller, a nurse, a sales man, doctor or teacher all can be patriots if they obey the laws designed by the government of that country. However, patriotism does not mean to stand by the president or other government official if their plans for the government are against the rights of the country. A country is formed from the people residing in it therefore love for one’s country automatically leads to the love for the citizens of that country. When there is love between the citizens and they stand united to protect the rights of each other against the evil eyes on them, such countries succeed because of the will power to fight for themselves and for their country. Ways to Awaken Patriotism in a Person There are various ways to awaken the feeling of patriotism in a person. Some of those ways are through patriotic movies, novels or documentaries. Another way could be to celebrate the events when important steps or actions were taken to protect the country’s territories from intruders or for instance when the country achieved independence after fighting vigorously for it and losing a lot of precious lives. These events can take place in schools and publicly to inform and teach the youth about the sacrifices people had given for their country and to remind the elders of the difficult situations the country had to face when they were young. Patriotic movies can very beautifully play the role of increasing or developing patriotism. Such movies are based on war against enemy countries and involve the army, navy or the air force. Movies present close resemblance to the events which occur in wars at the border front and allow the audience to experience it with their eyes what it is like to be on the border front. The audience feels as if they are present in that situation or wish to be present with the military officers to play their part in preserving the honor of the country. Patriotic war films encourage the youth to enroll in the military because the youngsters are very enthusiastic about their country. They believe what they see. In patriotic war films they get inspired by the personality of the officers and soldiers. The discipline portrayed by them inspires the youngsters and the aged alike so much that one just wants to stand up for them and salute them even though they are just actors portraying the character of the real heroes, the heroes who leave their families and safe boundaries of their houses to secure the future of their people and the next generation to come. The only way to be a true patriot is by being sincere with the country. The citizens must keep their personal interests behind and be more concerned about the demands of the country. A country is a home land; it is not just a piece of land with a collection of mountains, rivers and valleys. A country is a heritage of one’s dreams, aspirations, culture, traditions and religion. A country provides a platform for fulfilling one’s dreams and hopes for the future. So horrifying is the image of someone not having a nationality, no country to call their own; where ever that person will go people will see him as an intruder; that person will not be loyal to any country he visits because he would be like a traveler without a home. The love for home cannot be compared to anything in the world. Patriotism is an active virtue. A true patriot, who loves his country dearly, will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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