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Domestic Policy Issue - Immigration - Research Paper Example

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Introduction Immigration is among the most controversial and emotional issues that elicits great debate on the way to deal with the issue. Illegal immigrant debate usually leads to emotional and heated discussion. There is always varied talk regarding economic, social as well as enforcement issues, nonetheless, it is important to understand that immigration cannot be resolved by laws and policies, rather it calls for humanitarian, social and economical measures that should be put in place to address the situation…
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Domestic Policy Issue - Immigration
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"Domestic Policy Issue - Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages Immigrant workers take up some jobs that Americans workers would have taken, since they are ready to work for cheaper wages. At the same time, illegal immigrants get healthcare services, welfare as well as money, obtained from American taxpayers. Immigrants suck up the limited resources of U.S. and the taxpayers’ money. Because they gain benefits such as welfare, education and healthcare, yet they do not pay taxes hence to do not help in solving American problems. One reason why immigrants remain a big concern to Americans is because many companies continue to employ them, and their numbers continue to increase. With hard economic situation facing America, and the high number of unemployment, losing more jobs to immigrants compounds the issue further. Despite the various laws enacted to address this issue, these laws have not been very successful as the numbers suggest. In deed it is estimated that up to 18 million illegal immigrants stay currently reside in America (Morrison, 2010). What complicate the issue most is the many humanitarian as well as economical issues. Since September 11, it became clear that immigrants could lead to security threat to American, since some of these immigrants were out to commit crimes. Thus need to address the issue by the government. What solutions have been proposed by the president, Congress, interest groups etc. Many people feel that there is need to come up with measures and laws to restrict immigrants from entering America, and that the borders should strictly be guarded. Those illegal immigrants caught should be handed heavy punishment to discourage others from doing the same. As suggested by WERE, the government should as well carry out regular checks within corporations in relation to hiring illegal workers and those companies found to engage immigrants in their labor force ought also to be punished through fines. The government should as well increase its border patrol particularly along the Mexican border because thousands of immigrants cross to America using this border. As observed by Morrison (2010) people can simply walk to America through Mexican border unnoticed, and even if they are caught they simply return the next day. President’s solutions President Obama hold the view that the current immigration system is broken and can only be rectified by tackling real issues and avoiding politics as true solutions are to protect American borders are sought. Thus, Obama proposes that immigration policy need to be directed by the best judgment of Americans in regard to its economy and the welfare of the American workers. Thus, he understand that there is need for a well organized, orderly border as well as an immigration structure that is formulated to address the economic needs that are crucial cornerstones of a vibrant economy. Accordingly, President Obama proposed the following four key aspects: Strengthening border control: to tackle immigration Obama has a view that the integrity of American borders is very important. Thus, there is need to improve the infrastructure, technology and increasing the personnel manning the borders and ports of entry to America (The Whitehouse, 2011). Enhancing immigration system: according to president Obama the immigration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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